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Violet (Kikyou) City Gym - Zephyr Badge (#1)
After battling and capturing some of the new and old Pokemon you'll be ready to take on the local gym leader, Falkner. He uses bird Pokemon and is not difficult to defeat.

Once you beat Falkner he will give you the Zephyr Badge. The Zephyr Badge raises your Pokemon's attack power. It will allow you to use Flash anytime. Falkner also gives you TM31, Mud-Slap.

Pokemon Level Exp
Pidgey 7 82
Pidgeotto 9 216
Prizes: $900, TM31


Togepi - Violet (Kikyou) City Pokecenter
After defeating Falkner, Professor Elm will call you and tell you that they have found out something about he Mysterious Egg you gave to him earlier. A Scientist will show up in the Violet (Kikyou) City Pokecenter. Talk to him and he will give you the Pokemon Egg (you must have one slot open for it in your Pokemon lineup.)

The Egg will hatch after you walk so many steps and turn into Togepi. There is a man blocking the most southern exit of this town and if you don't get Togepi you can't get through.

There's also a house in Violet that you can trade a Bellsprout for an Onix. The level will depend on what level your Bellsprout is because whenever you trade a Pokemon to a person in the game, their Pokemon will be the same level as yours.


Sprout Tower
In Violet (Kikyou) City head north to find the Sprout Tower. You'll encounter Sages with Bellsprout and the occasional Hoothoot. At the top your Rival beats the head Sage and runs off after talking to you. Defeat the Sage and he will give you HM05, Flash.

Click here for a map of the tower.

Sage Li
Pokemon Level Exp
Bellsprout 7 126
Bellsprout 7 126
Hoothoot 10 123
Prizes: $320, HM05


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