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You start out the game by setting the game's internal clock. After that Oak will explain the world of Pokemon again and then you will get to choose your name.


Your House

Finally you'll start out in your room, head downstairs to have a talk with your mom. She'll give you your Pokegear. She'll also ask what day it is, and whether or not it is Daylight Savings Time or not.

After that she will give you the option of where she'll keep some of your money for you when you win battles. That way, just in case you "white out" (it's not black out anymore for some reason) you'll still have money at your house. Occasionally throughout the game, your mom will use some of the money she keeps to buy things for you which you can thing take out of your Computer anywhere in the game.


Professor Elm's Lab - Choose Your Pokemon

After all that, head outside and go to the large building on the left. Once inside you'll meet the Pokemon Professor of the game. His name is Professor Elm and after a talk, he will let you choose one of three starting Pokemon:

Chikorita the Grass Pokemon
Cyndaquil the Fire Pokemon
Totodile the Water Pokemon

After choosing your starter Pokemon Elm will exchange Phone numbers, and tell you that the machine in the corner heals Pokemon. He'll also tell you to go find his friend, Mr. Pokemon.

Next head outside and start exploring.


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