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~Symbolism of Colors~

Use these colors in candle rituals, fabrics for poppits, dream pillows or any spell that requires a color.

BLACK: Meditation rituals, hexes, uncrossing rituals and to banish evil negativity.

BLUE: Magick that involves honor, loyalty, peace, tranquility, truth, wisdom, protection during sleep, astral projection, and spells to induce prophetic dreams.

BROWN: Spells to locate lost objects and improve powers of concentration and telepathy, protection of familiars and household pets.

GOLD: Spells that attract the power of cosmic influences, and rituals to honor solar deities.

GREY: Spells to neutralize negative influences.

GREEN: Spells involving fertility, success, good luck, prosperity, money, rejuvenation, and ambition, rituals to counteract greed and jealousy.

ORANGE: Spells to stimulate energy.

PINK: Love spells and rituals involving friendship and femininity.

PURPLE: Psychic manifestations, healing and spells involving power, success, indepedence and household protection.

RED: Fertility rites, aphrodisiacs and spells involving sexual passion, love, health, physical strength, revenge, anger, will power, courage and magnetism.

SILVER: Spells and rituals to remove negativity, encourage stability and attract the influence of the goddess.

WHITE: Consecration rituals, meditation, divination, exorcism, and spells that involve healing, clairvoyance, truth, peace, spiritual strength and lunar energy.

YELLOW: Spells involving confidence, attraction, charm and persuasion.


Oils, Oils, man do I love oils. They can be used in so many different ways you wont believe it. Use them to annoit your candles and tools or even your self. In potporri jars and on a light bulb. In your shampoo, add to mojo bags, poppits and dream pillows. Put some in your fabric softener to make your clothes smell wonderful or a dab on a dryer sheet. Even in your steam cleaner to make your rugs smell sweet. I could go on and on but I wont bore you with all this typing. Use your amagination and you can find wonderful things to do with oils.

CHAMOMILE: Meditation and indusing peace.
CEDARWOOD: Enhancing spirituality.
CINNAMON: Money and psychic awareness.
EUCALYPTUS: Healing and purification.
FRANKINCENCE: Promoting spirituality and meditative states.
JASMINE: Love, psychic awareness, peace and spirituality.
LAVENDER: Health, love, peace and conscious mind formulas.
LEMON: Purification and healing. Wear during full moon rites.
MYRRH: Spirituality, healing, meditation. Great anointing oil. Cleansing.
PATCHOULY: Money, sex and physical energy.
PINE: Purification, protection, money, healing.
ROSE: Love, peace, beauty.
SANDLEWOOD: Meditation, sex, healing,
VANILLA: Builds self confidence, relieves melancholy. Sex, luck.
VETIVERT: Money. Anoint cash.
YARROW: Love, courage and psychic awareness.
YLANG-YLANG: Love, peace and sex.

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