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Forest Park Semen

Forest Park Patrick's Mombo 76A0725

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Semen for this BlacRadder MM Patrick son is available worldwide from Taurus Service at 800-836-5123 or email
Mombo's Dam: Zumback Farm's Turbo Missy V686 by Guylo Turbo
5-01 2X 305 28,180 3.3% 930BF 3.1% 862 Pro
6-03 2X 305 28,380 3.3% 929BF 3.1% 889 Pro
7-03 2X 296 26,026 3.7% 954BF 3.9% 767Pro
Early daus, have a lot of power and excellent feet and legs!

Forest Park Image Eeyore (U.S. Orders only)

This full brother to Forest Park Image Excella 3E94 is available privately from us. His daughters are the most productive cows we have ever milked at Forest Park. Dairyness, superior udders, and quick milk out provide excellent workability to these explosive producers. All daus are producing 305 day records over 20,000 this year with Dove - our first 30,000 lb. cow - leading the way.

New In 2000!

Forest Park Drake

Out of Wisconsin's highest producing cow of all time "Dove" and Mombo, Drake's got it all:  power, width, excellent feet and legs, and deep sweeping open rib.  We can't wait to his calves.

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