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Ayrshires Keep on Moooving!

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High Protein Beauties at Forest Park

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From Left to Right: Sandy, Space, and Monique

Forest Park Spade Sandy VE87 by Royal Flush Spade
3-08 2X 368 Days 22,753M 4.2% 956BF 3.5% 789 Pr0.

Forest Park El Cap's Space VG88 by Forest Park el Capito
2-07 2X 305 Days 17,895M 4.4% 786BF 3.7 661 Pro

Forest Park Soldier Monique VG89 by Maple Dell Soldier
3-08 2X 341 Days 20,040M 3.8% 761BF 3.6% 727 Pro.

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