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Radio/DX Information from Wisconsin

This site is for people who love radio and are interested in keeping up with the ever-changing radio scene in this part of the country.

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What's Inside

* About this Site: Why we're here

* Radio News and Notes: Tidbits about Wisconsin and area radio stations

* AM Expanded-Band Stations in the United States: A checklist of all the stations currently operating in the USA in the 1610-1700 kHz range, including formats, addresses, and more

* AM Radio in Wisconsin: Station lists, data, and web site links, organized by frequency

* Long Wave in Wisconsin: This page lists all the long wave beacons in the state, indicating on-air status, and is organized by frequency as well as location

* Radio Markets in and around Wisconsin: Dial summaries for some cities in the region. The lists are grouped by state:

* An Informal Club for Radio Hobbyists: A great way to meet other DXers and radio fans in the southern Wisconsin area

* Tim's Travel Page: Travel notes from our recent journeys

Some Recommended Web Sites

DX-midAMerica: Based in the Milwaukee area, this is a great source for current radio and DX information, especially on AM and FM.

NorthPine: A very comprehensive site that will answer virtually any question about radio in the region.

Wisconsin Radio Pages: Station information, transmitter site photos, and more.

Wisconsin Broadcast Page: A good source of radio and TV information in this part of the country.

Fox Valley Radio: An informative site that specializes in radio in east-central Wisconsin.

Chicagoland Radio Call-Sign History: A fine history of Chicago's radio dial.

Indiana Radio Watch: The best source of current news about broadcasting in Indiana.

The Iowa TV Webpage: The best source for detailed coverage of these stations. A site devoted to St. Louis radio, past and present.

International Radio Club of America: A club devoted to long-distance listening on the AM band.

National Radio Club: Founded in 1933 and going strong, the NRC is a club dedicated to AM DXing.

The Longwave Home Page: from the Long Wave Club of America.

Worldwide TV-FM DX Association: A club for DXers on the higher frequencies.

William Hepburn's VHF-UHF Tropospheric Ducting Forecast: Watch this site and anticipate the good FM DX in your area.

WNAR Radio: Radio drama and music from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.

Prime Time Shortwave: Current data on the ever-changing English schedules of numerous shortwave stations.

DXtreme Software On the Web: A source for affordable software products for SW, MW, and VHF/UHF listeners and DXers.

GTGs and Conventions

A summary of upcoming events for the radio hobbyist

Friday and Saturday, August 9-10, 2024, 2024 IRCA Convention, Aurora CO.
This event has been cancelled.

Saturday, August 17, 2024, Madison-Milwaukee Get-Together, Oak Creek WI.