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Radio/DX Information from Wisconsin

This site is for people who love radio and are interested in long-distance listening (DXing) and/or in keeping up with the ever-changing radio scene in this part of the country.

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What's Inside

* About this Site: Why we're here

* Radio News and Notes: Tidbits about Wisconsin and area radio stations

* AM Expanded-Band Stations in the United States: A checklist of all the stations currently operating in the USA in the 1610-1700 kHz range, including formats, addresses, and more

* AM Radio in Wisconsin: Station lists, data, and web site links, organized by frequency and location

* Long Wave in Wisconsin: This page lists all the long wave beacons in the state, indicating on-air status, and is organized by frequency as well as location

* Radio Markets in and around Wisconsin: Dial summaries for some cities in the region. The lists are grouped by state:

* An Informal Club for Radio Hobbyists: A great way to meet other DXers and radio fans in the southern Wisconsin area

* Tim's Travel Page: Travel notes from our recent journeys

Some Recommended Web Sites

DX-midAMerica: Based in the Milwaukee area, this is a great source for current radio and DX information, especially on AM and FM.

Mike's Radio World: Station links, live radio on the Web, a QSL card gallery and more.

Upper Midwest Broadcasting: A very comprehensive site that will answer virtually any question about radio in the region.

Wisconsin Radio Pages: Station information, transmitter site photos, and more.

Wisconsin Broadcast Page: A good source of radio and TV information in this part of the country.

Wisconsin Lots of news and information about all facets of broadcasting in the Badger State.

Fox Valley Radio: An informative site that specializes in radio in east-central Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Radio Board.

Chicagoland Radio Call-Sign History: A fine history of Chicago's radio dial.

Chicago Media Headlines: All the latest news on the many stations and broadcast personalities in the Chicagoland area.

Windy City Radio discussion board.

Indiana Radio Watch: The best source of current news about broadcasting in Indiana.

The Iowa TV Webpage: The best source for detailed coverage of these stations.

Iowa Media Board.

The N0UIH Amateur Radio and All-Band DXing Web Site: A great source of information on the St. Louis radio market. A site devoted to St. Louis radio, past and present.

Nebraska A detailed and well-organized list of Nebraska stations.

International Radio Club of America: A club devoted to long-distance listening on the AM band.

National Radio Club: 87 years old and going strong, the NRC is a club dedicated to AM DXing.

The Longwave Home Page: from the Long Wave Club of America.

Worldwide TV-FM DX Association: A club for DXers on the higher frequencies.

BCB DX Logbook: A comprehensive list of United States AM stations sorted by frequency, call letters, city, and state, compiled by Lee Freshwater. An outstanding directory of radio and television stations in the United States, by subscription.

William Hepburn's VHF-UHF Tropospheric Ducting Forecast: Watch this site and anticipate the good FM DX in your area.

WNAR Radio: Radio drama and music from the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s.

Prime Time Shortwave: Current data on the ever-changing English schedules of numerous shortwave stations.

DXtreme Software On the Web: A source for affordable software products for SW, MW, and VHF/UHF listeners and DXers.

Dave's Radio Receiver Page: This is the place to read expert opinions about the newest receivers.

The GE SuperRadio Frequently Asked Questions List: Everything you need to know about this excellent AM-FM portable receiver.

Angelfire: Want your own free web site? Click Here!

Classmates: Register yourself in your high school graduating class. It's free and it's fun!

GTGs and Conventions

A summary of upcoming events

for the radio hobbyist

Saturday, August 20, 2022, Madison-Milwaukee Get-Together, Oak Creek WI.