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About this Site

This site is operated by Tim Noonan of Oak Creek, Wisconsin (which is in south suburban Milwaukee). I am a DXer and radio hobbyist, and have been for 41 years now. I work on this web site because of my love of radio listening, of DXing, and of collecting information--three of my favorite activities.

Founded in early April 1998, Radio/DX Information from Wisconsin is intended to have a regional focus. I am always looking for current news about AM, FM, and TV stations, as well as longwave beacons, in this part of the country. I define this region as including OH, MI, IN, IL, WI, MN, IA, MO, ND, and SD. I make no claims of comprehensive coverage of radio and TV in these states, but when I learn of a newsworthy item of general interest, I post it here. My sources are many and varied; I read Internet and print materials, make notes from my own listening, and welcome the help of individuals who pass along information. When I travel, I include observations made on the road, in an effort to stay current on the ever-changing radio scene.

I invite contributions from anyone with an interest in midwestern radio. Please feel free to get in touch with me via e-mail and pass along the latest radio news from your area. I will post it promptly, crediting you by name, or not, as you prefer.

Some general points of policy:
1) We ordinarily compile radio-related news every day and post those items that pertain to the categories of information that we cover. The time of this posting, on the "Radio News and Notes" page, varies with our schedule, and sometimes appears late in the day. A day's posting may be revised during the course of that day, but we avoid changing past days' entries (except to correct typos). Once in a while our search yields nothing new, which explains those days with no entry.
2) We always cite the source of our news. When two or more sources report the same item, we usually cite the more detailed or the first one we saw.
3) Readers of the site are most welcome to contribute news items. If you wish to remain anonymous, please say so; otherwise, we give the contributor's name if the e-mail is signed, and list it as anonymous if it is not.
4) We correct our errors. If you notice an error of fact, an outdated piece of information, or a typographical error, we'd be grateful to hear from you.
5) We post call letter changes affecting stations in all bands in the ten-state region as soon as we can after the FCC issues them, ordinarily on the same day.
6) Our news focuses mainly on such changes as new construction permits (CPs), stations signing on and off, call letter and format changes, network changes, and frequency changes. We strive to maintain current listings of DX tests and expanded-band (1610-1700) stations, as well as an accurate and detailed listing of AM stations in Wisconsin. We rarely report changes that involve station ownership or personnel, or stations' power and antenna height.
7) When we mention a station, we give its call, frequency, and city of license. We often specify to which market (Nielsen Audio-designated metropolitan area) a station belongs.
8) We are most interested in radio station web sites, and link them on the appropriate pages. We do not report changes of URL or new sites as news, but simply update links as needed. If you know of a station page that should be linked but is not, or discover a bad link on any of our pages, please let us know.
9) We maintain a number of "Radio Markets in and around Wisconsin." These are lists of radio and television stations, in frequency order, that serve a given market, i.e., a city and the surrounding areas. They provide basic information like current call letters, city of license, format, and slogan. They also strive to provide a current street address, useful both for mailing and for visiting stations. Links to station web sites are provided when we know of them. You are welcome to contribute to the market lists; check the data for your home market, or print a list before you visit it, use it as a convenient station guide, and see what you can add. We will gratefully credit all contributions.
10) Always looking for ways to improve the site, we invite general comments and suggestions regarding it, and your input is always welcome. Please keep in touch, and 73 from Wisconsin!