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Aching Heart Great site Mindy!

Stop It Now

Survivors Healing Home Page

Sexual Abuse of Males: Prevalence, Lasting Effects, and Resources

A Male Incest Survivor

Taking Back Our Lives
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Time For Healing.
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This Internet Force Against Child Abuse Net Ring

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Amy from has honored this site with her Web Execellence Award.
Thank you Amy is an educational site about teenage health topics for today's teen and young adult. The site provides information on sexuality, birth control, STDs, fitness and nutrition, substance abuse, mental health, women's health, rape and abuse, "looking good", common health problems, hotlines for teens in crisis, first aid, quizzes, a message board and topic of the month. The site was designed so health education would be more appealing to today's teenager. It is written by a registered nurse and is updated daily.
Please check it out!

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