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My Poems

"Little Red Bloomers"
Mommy promised little red bloomers
when I could potty on my own.
But she forgot to buy them till I was half grown.
Then he took them from me, ripped them to shreds
and layed on top of me in my little girl bed.
Tell Mommy the dog chewed them
she doesn't care why.
If you tell her the truth, I'll call it a lie.
We were so poor, rarely anything new.
He was bigger than me, so what could I do?
My little lace bloomers were so pretty and red
So was the stain on my little girl bed.

"The White Pine Tree"
The huge white pine tree is my escape
Climb to the top
Stop the rape
I can see for miles
He can't see me
For a little while I'll be free.

"She Has Survived"
See the little girl with the empty eyes
She heard your threats, believed your lies
See the little girl with pain filled eyes
You filled her with anger, filled her with lies
See the little girl with the downcast eyes
You gave her your shame, sold her your lies

See the woman with the light in her eyes
She has grown beyond your threats and lies
See the woman with love in her eyes
She has conquered the shame, killed the lies
See the woman with life in her eyes
She is no longer your victim. She has survived

Reproduction of material from this page without written permission is strictly prohibited
Copyright © 2001-2003 Jean A. Prince

This is a poem written by a sweet, loving, innocent 11 year old girl.
She shared it with me in a private guest book entry and
gave her permission to share it with my readers.

To My Brother:
Sometimes I feel that the closest thing to life would be death.
That is what you have done to me my baby, my lover, my brother.
You took all of the good innecent things inside me
and twisted them until I was barely human.
I cry but not for myself,
I cry for you brother for you are lost and don't know the way.
When you touch me I pretend that I am a bird with downy, star studded wings
flying far far away from your cluttered room,
I see my mommy down below on the green earth
and I want to fly to her
but I am only 11 years old and you are so strong.

This same young girl recently wrote another poem and
has given her permission to publish it here.
This is a poem she wrote to describe her conflicting
feelings about her brother.

Hey you,
you who tricked me so blindly
so fully
you had my mind fooled
and made me a fool
a stupid sputtering little play thing
like putty in your hand
happy now
does it feel so so good now
are your pockets filled with humble hurts now
splat splat splat
thats me there, splating like tears on paper
bat your eyes now
act like that sweet sweet innocense
that you stole from me
hey you
its ok
you made me a callous
but hey you, i just kept crawling back
like a pitful little rag doll fresh for a beating
but hey you. Dont go
dont leave me here
dont leave me with my self
i might hurt myself. without you
hey you. go. i dont want you here anymore.
hey you. I miss you.
Cause you share this shame Or do you?
The wond is healing and it itches.
i always hated itches.
Can you scrath my itch
hey you.
hey you i need the pain

Thank you for reading my pages. Hopefully, one day abuse in all
its forms will no longer exist.

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