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*to live according to my own conscience, not someone else's.
*to make decisions based on my feelings, intuition, values, needs, capabilities or anything I choose to base them on.
*to say no to anything that I'm not prepared to do.
*to refuse anything that's against my values or feels too dangerous.
*to protect myself from threatening behaviour, humiliating attitudes and hurtful words.
*not to trust and believe in people and things that don't feel trustworthy or credible.
*to say yes to whatever helps my own growth and well-being.
*to trust and believe in people and things on whatever grounds I choose to.
*to repent and to decide otherwise when I choose.
*to forgive others and myself.
*to find and learn to know my inner child.
*to feel whatever I feel about my past.
*to have all feelings I do, and to express them.
*to be disappointed and sad for what I didn't get even though I'd have needed it, or what I got and didn't want to have.
*to be angry even at one I love, when (s)he frustrates my needs or violates my rights.
*to be fearful, feel unsafe and be careful.
*to feel good when someone else feels bad, and vice versa.
*to ask for what I feel: closeness, distance, togetherness, privacy etc.
*to take care of myself.
*to want, dream of, and long for anything. have my feelings, needs, values, wants and choices appreciated.
*not to assume responsibility and guilt for others' feelings, needs, values, choices or behaviour.
*to expect another person to act honestly and justly.
*to be different: more healthy, sicker, weaker, stronger, more hung up, less hung up etc. than others.
*to be tempted, to fail, to make mistakes and to be imperfect.
*to learn, to change and to grow, anytime and all the time.
*As I'm not a slave of my rights, I also have the right to give up any right I have, but from now on I'm going to do it out of love -- never out of fear any more.


*to respect these as all other people's rights, too.

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