8.9.03: Yay it's my birfday go me. My journal is overflowing. Le eepage. I'll take piccies/scan my presents as soon as I get 'em all. Yay thank yew kbibi.

8.2.03: Mmkahy, I finished teh new layout, as you can see. Hopefully I'll be sticking with this one. Also added a few new piccies of teh uber1337 Seanny. Ooh, and thanks to my darling Pixelkins, I have a new LJ!! I'm keepin' the CL, so the rest of my life won't be lost. ^^;

7.31.03: I realized I don't like this layout. So a new one is being made. Yay! Ahem. Adding new quotes all the time, as well as new pictures of me. Added a new 'home' button to the top of the logo on the main page thingy. Should be useful for those who don't like clicking the back button all the time on their browser. Meep!

7.21.03: Doot doot. Worked a ton on my links page. Putting my quizzes under construction. Just not happy with it. In the process of making a new opening image for this page. Alright, I think that's enough for now. As always, my journal is the key to my life.

7.12.03: Luke just left last night. I had a WONDERFUL two days. Read my journal for details! Hnn, just added our pictures. Also added three new people to my pictures page. Rearranged a couple things on the linkmap on the next page. And don't forget to click my Evanescence banners and VOTE!

7.9.03: Whee, been so busy! Workin' on a zillion other sites, like this one. The good stuff is my doing. ;) Hnn, added a few new gifts from Seanny. ^^; Lessee... A couple new quotes to speak of... hnn... Yep. I think that's about it. Mebbe. Eh, shrug.

6.25.03: yes yes yes!! got my piccies from my day with joshes and mike! yes! luff you joshes!! also added pics of moiself.

6.24.03: ah, life. such a confusing thing. lessee... the gifts have a new home, and i even learned how to anchor. check it out, and hell, CONTRIBUTE!! hrm... added a few new piccies of myself since reading HP5, which is an AMAZING piece of literature. i HIGHLY recommend it. hrm... i think that's about all the updation i have to report. tootaloo fair subjects.

6.19.03: the war of the gifts rages on, Ladylas in teh lead! Come on people, contribute! Mm... adding new piccies of me. Can't wait to get the film from me and Joshes's trip developed! ~~~ teh war rages on, as Seffums joins the battle! Poor Lady Lady. Seth is also beginning to make depictions for my quotes page. Go Lane!

6.10.03: teh war of teh gifts has begun! wanna participate? gimme your logo. :P oh oh oh erm... added piccies from the last week of school. also resized teh faeries. erm... i think that's 'bout it for now. teh gophers shall 0wnz0r ju. btw, if ju wanna know how my meeting with joshes went, check my journal.

6.1.03: weehaw! added a new frontpage image, duh, obviously. inspired by Evanescence's song "Imaginary". Erm, oh! Thanks to my darling Seanny [just a friend, dumasses], I have started a new gifts page. If you have an image you'd like to donate, please e-mail it to me, or get in touch with me via AIM. Lessee... duh, check up on quotes and my piccies as usual. Uh... I think that's about it besides a new linkmap. Tootles!

5.31.03: this is one sleepy lil webmeepstress. hrm. new quote(s). hm. oh, uh, i got my 'port card. look and be amazed. erm... oh yea, i'm goin' piccie crazy. yea. er. i'm still very tired. and you're turning into a penguin. stop it.

5.26.03: OMFG SEAN PWNT JENN ROFLPIMP - seanny. k. lol alright, added more to my quotes as usual. Hmm. Updated my pics page. Uh, let's see... gotta do more... uh... effit... oh, added my froshling accomplishments. K, I'm gonna go talk to my Luke [new boifriend] now. Bai!

5.17.03: Alright, I'm awake now. Let's see, I fixed up my logo menu. And I made a brand new top logo. Teehee. Yea, constant construction, baby.

5.16.03: Uh... yea... lessee... Updated a ton of chit... just keep a look around for it. I'm sorta blanked on what all I've done lately. Yea. Otay. Damn Senioritis is strkin' me early. 'Tay. Bai.

4.30.03: Updatin' yep. I have a ton of new .gifs... to see 'em, just go here and add either a.gif through u.gif at the end. And, as you can tell, there's a new linkmap and logo inside. Oh yea, and there's a new lil layout thingy right here what yer lookin' at, based on and inspired by the hit song "Bring Me To Life" by Evanescence. I owe Tammy for letting me borrow that CD, and then I burned it for Alice, Eric, and Luis. Heh, I usually don't like Christian bands. I'll make an exception.

4.20.03: whoo! I'm here! HAPPY EASTER NOT EARLY BUT REAL! ^_^;; Ah, EPCOT tomorrow. Squee! Hrm. Updated my links like a mofo... Oh goddess... I have no clue exactly how many quizzes I took today. It's crazy! Anywho, signing off. xoxo

4.19.03: HAPPY EARLY EASTER!! (just in case I don't update tomorrow; knowing me I won't.) Anyway, been screwin' around with the links. Added more and categorized them a little bit. Yea yea yea. Hrm. Oh, constantly working on quizzes. And I add a new logo or two every couple days. See? I'm getting better with this updating thing.

4.18.03: Been workin' on quizzes constantly. Added new pics of Cristina. w00t. Argh, lessee... oh, look for Brit-nay's Art Corner-COMING SOON! Yep, I'm at lunch atm... so jes, I'll talk to ju later. Moo.

4.6.03: YEA BABY! Okay, I've been working on logos mostly lately. AND since you've already noticed I made my very own layout thingy for my front page... which you are looking at right now. Love it? I do. Teehee! Go me. I rule. Anywho, I've been really busy with Horseland.com. I love it there. Me and Shawna and Sammi and Joe are FINALLY back together. I'm so happy. Hee!

3.29.03: Ah, screw it. Update my ass. ANYWAY, I want y'all to hear something... so far I've gotten such reviews as 'fantastic' 'amazing' 'really really good' and 'you could use your range better'. What do you think?

3.10.03: What the hell? Am I like... boycotting my "Updated" section? Anywho... I'm a hippie today. Yurp. Ooh... er... my journal is purdy interestin' if ya gots a minute... whoo I'm settin' mahself up for embarrassment there, ain't I? Hrm... Quizzes are lookin' good... Quotes are too... Hee, and I gots my wishlist is also lookin' good thanks to a lil help from my Sarah. Yurp... I think I'm 'bout done. Dammit I need to update more. MORE! Oh... look for some logos coming soon.

3.2.03: Wahoo! I have officially finished organizing my quizzes! Woohoo, go me. ^_^ I've been busy workin' on some other schtuff, but I'm damn sure not abandoning my baby! I know how many adoring fans I have out there. ;)

2.22.03: Okie then... Girl Dominance has been moved to the Random Notes section. Oh, and it's not a livejournal, but it's close! I have a Crazy Life Journal! Like LJ, only free! Wahoo. Hrm. New quotes are always being added, so no need to say specifically... hrm. Yup. I think that's it for now. *is off to read RH*

2.11.03: Gah! Gotta go to school in 13 minutes. Evil. Alright, links have been fixed up a bit, even more pictures have been added, and the quotes are constantly growing. -Your happy little webmistress.

2.8.03: Happy birthdays Kimmi and Yahaira! Lessee. I'm busy putting all of my images into subdirectories (since I finally know how to use them!). Oh, and I took my camera to school again. Checkie Out.

2.1.03: Bad Webmistress! Shame on me! Bad, bad! *straightens up* Anywho. Let's see. Pictures of Moi and Andy have been added. Erm... Oh! My Wishlist has been updated. w00t! Mmkahy... Quotes... and Profiles have also been updated... with Sarah! Hehe. Uh... yea. More later? Yes. Baibai.

1.23.03: Jes, I am teh mini-pimpstress. Since I'm on this Kid Rock spree... I'm Mini Pimpstress of the Nation! No... that dun sound good. Oh well. I'll think of something, I'm sure. Uhhhh I'm still readin' my CCE ficcies. Mmhmm. Uh... Hmm. Still workin' on my wishlist thingymabob. Sounds like it.

1.21.03: Whee! Addin' new merchandise section to meh site. Checkie out! Ooo and Lady's an arteest. We deccamarated da AOIT room with that piccie as da background to every compie. Luff it?? I do! Uh... otay nite nite.

1.16.03: I am PISSED. The midget is NOT happy. The short one is having a BAD DAY. ARRRGGGGH. I am the pissy little midget. Rawr. My computer in tech fucked up. So I couldnt get my stuff. So I had to start OVER. Of course it only took me a half hour to catch up to everyone else, but STILL!! I hate this... Rawr. I'm done now. I still dun like it.

1.14.03: Damn, I'm a bad lil web mistress. Okie lessee... Obviously there have been some changes around the site. The main page has gotten itself a nice makeover, inspired by my partner in mischief, Joshes. This guy also pushed me to add a zillion new quotes and create a profiles section. This guy's a bad influence, idn't 'e? And if you'll direct your attention to the LEFT, and your mouse as well, you will not only notice a major difference (NO MORE ICKY TABLES!), but you shall notice a nice lil mouseover I got from some girls on Horseland. In fact, most of the tables on this site have been replaced by lines. They're neater and easier and less annoying. Dang, once I get goin' there's no stoppin' me, eh? Lessee... Ooh! Look down, will you? There's going to be a log of my CCE25 readings. I've read the first two already, and I'm starting over. See below for details. I'M DONE DAMMIT!

1.7.03: Whee... school. fun. Personal fitness... evil. But I gots Stacey and Tammy. So I'll survive. I actually got a 100% on my bilogy zammification!!! WAHOO! sure, i woulda gotten a 75% without the extra credit... but hey, dammit, i got a hundred! Ooh, if you get the chance, download 'Simon' by Lifehouse. It is SO moving dude... Ooh, and Cristina and I are going to rent a plane for $8 ($2 for gas money, $6 to get the pilots drunk), and we're gonna ride home from school in STYLE, with Laura duct-taped to the wing. Yeehaw!

1.4.03: Wahoo!!! Finally got the second hole in my ears. Yeeeehaw!! No pain! w00t!! dobeydo...

1.2.03: Alrighty, the kwotes have been updated. And I'm still workin' on my music site. Heh, and if you want a laugh, check out my guestbook. An old... classmate, Max Case, decided to accuse me of being a poser. Funny stuff!

12.31.02/1.1.03: YEEEEHAW!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR! MARGARITAS TO ALLLLL! *hiccup* hehe. I'm workin' on a completely separate site. See that Songs link over there? Yea, well, the new one will be URLed here.

12.27.02: Uhh... I'm a bad lil WebMistress, aren't I? Shame, shame, shame on me for not keeping up with my site. Actually, I've been working quite a bit more on Wackybones stuff. For those of you that don't know, Wackybones is my dominoes league. Check it out. Anywho... ja. I've been workin' on a piccie gallery for us Wackies too. Check that out too. Uhm... I -should- be workin' on that song site that I wanted to work on too... tsk tsk shame on me. Uh... baibai.

12.21.02: Dude, I GOT A DELL! Sure, i was internet-less for about 24 hours, but it's all good now. Click on the Desktop link for a new Desktop. Duuuuude!

12.19.02: Yeeehaw. Lady and I coulda gotten in major trouble on Tuesday... ^_^ That was fun... and earned me the name 'Ms. Bosley'. I luff it. Oooh. Heh, as soon as we get some talent, Lady, Brit-nay, and I are starting a ... band! Narcotic Fantasy. ^__^ Morbid Fantasy was suggested... HELL NO! THAT'S BILLY'S! NOOO! ... Ahem. Anywho. New activist page added. Tis a heterosexual survey. Woo! Lady and I are crazy... Just a warning. Ooh and I'm making a Wackybones Gallery. Check it out if you want.

12.16.02: I'm Santa's Last Minute Replacement. I am I am. Where'd Billahy Jr. go?! Ooo. NVM. Found 'im. Yup. I bought Tamara lady a squirrel with 99c. Thrifty, ain't I? Jes. I am teh squirrel-sitter. w00t!! Ooo Kyle's here. He's squishy and inflated. ^__^

12.10.02: wow. Uhh... yea. AJay's hair has twisties. Uhmf... I suggest going to Lady's site to see her new ficcies. Drop down menu. C'mon. You can do it. Just don't go to her piccies page unless your computer has super powers. Or you have DSL. Uhhhh... what have I added... Lessee... Ooooh Random Notes hath been added... Uhhh now what did I add... Oooh that school project at the bottom. Teehee. Yea, our teacher wouldn't let us use html. We had to use MSWord. -_- Anywho... Mesa gon' go. Gotta study for this damn Vocab Test. And point and laugh at Billahy for losing his binder.

12.2.02: o-o ooo. i din write in this thing for a while... hmm. well. piccies haf been added... uh... ja. i'm a bad lil web mistress. i dun 'member what i's been addin'... o.o jebus. my talk's all funnahy. i've been having bad dreams lately... ooooh btw i jes got back from vacation. Apalachicola! Oof. Uh... I'm in 2nd period right now... Baibai.

11.24.02: I added a ZILLION and a half new piccies!! Guh! Look! Ooo. And teh ph0rumz are gooooood. Good and looooong. Mhmhmhm.

11.21.02: An entire day escaped me. I could have sworn today was the 20th. *shrug* weirdness. Anywho, added another day of pics. Check 'em out. Oooh, did a lil work on teh survey too. ^_^

11.19.02: Heh, today was pretty fun. Brought my camera to school... have a look at the end results! Also, workin' on a page for our debate on pro capital punishment. No, I'm not puttin' the link up yet... Can't tempt the enemy ;) lol Brit-nay. hehe.

11.15.02: Yay! Progress reports!! Check my Schedule Page for updates and stuff. Uh... Survey has been updated since Andy... Oh, did I forget to mention my new screennames? Yea... gotta go to school now. Update more later, mebbe. w00t. Hehe. I get to see HP:CoS tomorrow! Added a nice tribute.

11.11.02: Yea... Andy broke up with me again. But, surprisingly, I'm okay. I really am. Anywho, addin' to teh site... More random notage. Hehehe. Yea, yea, I'll get on the lyric schtuff right away :P

11.8.02: Yeehaw! Dad said teh boifriend can come over Christmas break! :) I'm so happy I could scream. And I might. Later. Anywho, more piccies of Cody have been added, and today I got TOTALLY bored in Tech, so I added yet another page. Random notes. Kewlage. ^_^ Ooh yes. Added a song. This time it's Square Dance - Eminem. ^_^ Hehe. w00t! Ha, and the <- Forums over there... have gotten quite scary. The only one brave enough to face 'em has been Sean... good job Seanny. :)

11.6.02: Links have been fixed, and pictures have been added. ^_^ Cody, and another of Sarah. Heh, and you really might wanna check out the forums, as they stand. Brit-nay and I are goin' a lil crazy with those things! Hehe. Yuppers. Oh, and my life is going just fine, for those of you wonderful folks who actually give a damn. Expect more songs soon. Since I just got teh Eminem Show, also expect parental advisory warnings. :)

11.4.02: Ah, yes, I'm still really really happy... ^_^ Heh... ja, I'm sitting in AOIT right now listening to Kevin Gomez reading "Bloody Mary"... My god he's weird. Soon there's gon' be a page dedicated to his bum... yup yup. By popular demand: Coming soon: Kevin's ASS!!!! w00t. ^_^;;; Lesseee... Yup. Look to the left over there
<- find le chat. Yup. Now all meh phr34ky phr3nds can chat and meet all at once... :| omg this should be scary. Anywho... ja. I'm gon' go back to pretending to listen to Kevin now. *waves* Oh, btw, Brit-nay 0wnz0rz. Yup.

11.3.02: I'm telling you people!! Sarah Taylor is GOD!!! Thanks to her, the almighty Tampon Queen, Patrick/Andy and I are back together!!!! Heh, it hasn't hit me yet, but when it does, I'm going to explode. LOVE!!!

10.31.02: HAPPY HALLOWEEEEN! I sooo shoulda taken today off as a religious holiday or sumfin'. Anywho... added a new song. Martina McBride's "Wrong Again". I think that really applies to me right now... Yea.

10.27.02: Yay! Still convertin' schtuff, but it's gettin' done! AND I added FORUMS!!! Check the left bar to see. I'm excited. Hehe. Love y'all.

10.24.02: YAY!!!!!! NEW LAYOUT BABY!!!!! Duh, I'm still converting schtuff to this part, and it's still WAY under construction, but it's UP!!!! I'm excited 'bout dis. Hehe. Many of you have already seen this, or part of it, but hey... it's here! ^_^ Hehe... Yea. There's a lotta new changes. Why don't you look around and see them for yourself? Ooh, and the old page can still be found here.

10.16.02: Happy Birthday Brad! Hehe. Ooh... just to let y'all know... me and Andy broke up. Well, to be honest, he dumped me. Anywho, there may be some changes along the site regarding him... Just bear with me.

10.12.02: Heyy!! Sorry I haven't been updating AT ALL, but I'm busy working on Meep: v2.0 ^_^ Heh, I'ma prolly hafta dedicate an entire novel of credit to Gizmo: the World's GREATEST Maugwi. He's helping me with everything, and I appreciate his patience with the oh-so-ignorant-one... moi! ^_^ I'll keep ya posted.

10.5.02: Newest Wildcats win has just been recorded on their page! Yes, that derned quiz is STILL a work in progress... Big thanks to Gizmo ph0r helpin' me out! I've noticed the sites been getting... a little lame. So, I'm workin' on some Hot Topic and Dyke Tees stuffers. Meep meep!

10.1.02: Don't you just hate technical difficulties? I'm _trying_ to get a picture of my friend Tamara, as Aeris from FF7, to work. It won't. -_- Lessee... updated teh Wildcats' page. Damn Rams... And that Darkblade quiz is still a work in progress... Be patient, I'm lazy!

9.24.02: See above... in Andy's lil corner... Oh, and the Wildcats' latest win has just been posted on their page.

9.23.02: Muahahaha. Yet another piccie of Billy hath been added to teh piccies page. ^_^ Also, new piccie of Joshes has been added. And, just to let you know, I *am* working on my very own personality quiz! It shall be "Which Darkblade Character Are You?" or something along those lines. This may take a while, but I promise it shall be done eventually. In the meantime, if you're wondering about this at all, please check out Darkblade itself! Aaand teh American flag at teh bottom hath been removed... I just noticed the bottom white stripe is actually a light shade of yellow -_- I shall fix, and put it back. Promiseth.

9.19.02: Did some work on the survey page. Thanks ph0r teh layout Gizmo! Oh, and there's a new picture of Billy ^_^!

9.14.02: Check out the songs! I did a lot of work on them. Avril Lavigne - Anything But Ordinary, SHeDaisy - Before Me & You: also added. ^_^

9.13.02: Oooo Friday teh 13th! Well, it certainly brought luck to the Wildcats yesterday! They're now 3-0! Oh, and to hopefully shut up a certain 'ex best friend', several piccies now have the caption "*taken from anonymous*" at the bottom. Oh, and, just to show off, I've added my current grades to my schedule page.

9.11.02: Whee! He bought us FROSTIES!!! Hehe. "If you ask, they will buy: Ancient Chinese Secret". O:) Anyyyyway, I added a buncha new piccies. Ah, TGFI. No, I'm not dyslexic: Thank Goddess For teh Internet! Scroll to the bottom of this page for a new Patriotic Piccie. USA! w00t!!

9.10.02: Tough times lately... but things are really looking up. Anywho, I added a new song: This Woman Needs - SHeDaisy I love this song... and, sadly, I can relate to the lyrics. Ooo lookie! More piccies on the... piccies page! This time, yours truly and onea her bestest buddies, Sarah are featured. ^_^ Oh, and I updated my desktop image. Now it's the entrance to Poseidon's Fury @ Islands of Adventure. *swoon*

9.6.02: whoo! Wildcats won again! Hehe. w00t. Oooh yesterday ph0rgot to tell yaz. Updated my quizzes. Up to 7 pages now ^_^ Mmm... I'm hungry. And I gotta go schooley-bai now. *waves off*

9.2.02: LABOR DAY!! No School! ^_^!! Hehe. Anywho, lotsa updates made on all the quiz pages. Check 'em out. Andy no feel good. :( Mesa gonna go make Darblade work. Grr. - Ooo mesa added new page ^_^ Check out my Wildcats Spirit Page, in honor of my boifriend, BEST defense on the team ^_^ - I updated my desktop image. - NEW SONG! Minority lyrics!!

8.29.02: Ooo lookie. More quotes on teh, well, kwotes page. Hehe.

8.28.02: Hmm... well everyone else seems to have some sorta UPDATED! thingy... So why don't I? I see no reason. In the words of "Pat the Wise Man": THERE IS NO REASON! Ahem. Anywho. Uhh... I added a few new quotes to teh kwotes page. Check 'em out. Oh, and there's this really cool new ***UPDATED*** thingy on teh main page. ^_^

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