This is broken into seven different sections because my writings aren't always based in the same time-line. Heh! They're hardly ever based in the same time-line, in fact. I was just trying to make it a little easier to follow the events and all. "Background" is all the stories that apply to all or most rp and fanfic universes here. "#TMNT (Now #TurtlePower)" are stories stemming from that RP. "#HappyLittleAsylum" are origin stories for characters in that RP."Straight Fanfic" is just that...unrelated to any RP. "Original Works" are my stories that have no connection to any reality outside that wich is in my head. "Poetry" is...well...my poetry. "Guest Section" is for anyone who wanted me to host their stuff, at all. It's got guidelines for if anyone wanted to submit somethin'. After the lil' preview blurb that comes after the title of the fic, there's the rating and my reason for it in parenthesis, then the kind of fic it is and then, if it's not done, it'll state that. I've also put the years each work was written, so that'll explain the varrying qualities in each peice.

Anyway, enjoy and read at your own risk!

I'm  not writing these to make any money, by the way, and all characters not my own are obviously property of the professionals who made them, SO NO SUING ME!!!! (pretty please with cherries on top)

Applicable to most of the RPs I'm involved in.

Shinzoku - Diana, orphaned at a young age, meets her new family and gains a valuable gift from her blood parents from beyond the grave. (PG, Concepts) Sailor Moon fic, based in the Silver Millenium (written around 2001)

A young Diana in mourning

The Love Of A Mother - Finally, the story of HLM's birth. (G) Original work. (Not applicable to #TMNT_U) (written around 2002)

Mariko holding the infant HLM

When Realities Meet - A young girl is kidnapped from her reality by a power-hungry monster. Are her new friends going to be able to save her in time? (R, violence, adult situations, some strong language) TMNT fic. (written around 1998)

Diana, just loungin'

Beginnings and Endings - The story of Diana and Jaedite's lives and past lives. (R, violence, adult situations, strong language) Dark Kingdom fic. (written around 1999)

Diana: Silver Millenium, High School days and Present day

Life Between Worlds - An addition to Beginnings and Endings, told from HLM and Nephrite's points of view. (R, violence, adult situations, strong language) Dark Kingdom fic. *Not finished yet* Note: Book One FINALLY done! Book Two now in the works. (started around 1999)

HLM: Silver Millenium, High School days and Present day

Pain And Learning - A journal Diana wrote of a few memories of the two years she was stuck reality hopping before she was able to come home (RPs in #TMNT and #the_sewer_lair). (R, violence, language, adult situations) Involves variations of the Dark Kingdom and the TMNT. (one of my more sadistic fics) *not finished yet* (started around 2000 or 1999)

Diana getting the whole journal thing started. Diana sitting and listening in the first journal. HLM as a slave in the second journal. Diana walking in fields from the third. Diana during downtime in the fourth, and Diana and her counterpart in the fifth.

#TMNT (Now #TurtlePower)
Related only to the former #TMNT RP.

A Moronic History - HLM's RP history in #TMNT (now in #TurtlePower) from her point of view, it's sort of a theraputic journal (ehehehe, just 'cause I say so *G*) (PG13 for language) TMNT, DK, Biker Mouse From Mars, X-Men fic (might be forgetting some) *ongoing* (started around 2002)

HLM, takin' a moment to pose

12 Days of Christmas - With a...uhm...twist to it *EEG* (PG for Golden Undies) TMNT, RPG fic/poem/thingie (written 2002)

HLM stuck in the evil undies :P

Otherworldly Comforts - What happens when the broken-hearted HLM tries to go out to get a little time for herself. (R for language) TMNT, X-Men, based off of the #TMNT RP (written 2002)

The regressed HLM looking over her shoulder (and uhm...having the top part of her head hidden...it's there, really!)

Related only to the #HLA RP

Destiny - The last reality Diana was in before hopping back home into the #HLA universe. (R, violence, sexual content) Sailor Moon Dark Kingdom fic (written around 2001 or 2002)

Vamp form!!

Changes - The origin story of HLM from #HappyLittleAsylum (R, violence, sex, all that fun stuff) Original Story (written around 2001)

HLM, ready to defend her turf

Revelations - The origin story of Revelyn, one of my new RP characters from #HappyLittleAsylum. (PG-13 for violence) More or less original (written around 2003)

A Witch's Path - Mary's Origin story from #HappyLittleAsylum (PG for language, and a very little bit of religiouse content) Original (written around 2003)

Mary, with a necklace thingie (meant for it to be a Pentagram, but I couldn't figure out how to draw it) Cute rainbow socks, heh? *G*

Straight Fanfic
Stories not related to any role plays as of yet

The Moron's Story - The story of how HLM met the TMNT. (R, violence, language) TMNT fic (FOH from Marvel Universe mentioned). (written around 1999)

HLM bein' all casual

New Reunions - Diana is reunited with the Raph from the reality the Dark Master abducted her to in pursuit of a megalomaniac. (PG13, violence and language) TMNT/X-Men/Sailor Moon (Dark Kingdom) Cross over. (written around 2000)

HLM being all sexy in a goth way, and Diana showing off her flexibility

All In The Mind - HLM pays a visit to the X-Men while her new family is in Japan to try to determine what's going on with her unstable mutation. Something gets in the way of the research, though. (PG13, violence, language) TMNT/X-Men Cross over. (written around 2001)

HLM decked out in lavender

Capture and Escape - Nephrite and Naru think they've finally found happiness. However, Diana's arrival in their reality heralds the capture of Naru by a mysterious organization.(PG13, violence, language) Sailor Moon Dark Kingdom fic *not finished yet* (started around 2001)

Striking a pose

Meetings - An expansion of TN's story Jadeite No Sayonara through HLM's POV. (PG13 in most parts, R for some adult situations and language) TMNT and (primarily) Dark Kingdom fic. (written around 1999)

Chillin' outside

Original Works
Yep! Completely original stories...straight from my own warped lil' mind...

Mary Jane's Story - The dubious beginnings of a disturbed young woman. (R, drugs, sex and violence (sorry, no rock 'n roll) Original Story (written around 2000)

MJ Standin' perty

Summer's Fall - A short story of a young woman scattering the ashes of one very close to her. Written for my Creative Writing class, it concentrates on the contrast between the setting and the character's mood. (G) Original Work  (written 2002)

The Unnamed daughter

Polly Parrot - Another work from my Creative Writing class. Just a cute lil' short story about a lil' girl begging her mom for a toy. (G) Original Work. (written 2002)


Shorts - A buncha lil' short story-ish things. (PG, for a very little bit of language) Original Work. (written 2002)

The strange mind behind alla this

Random - Just a random story...felt like writing something and didn't know what...this's what came out of it (somewhere between PG13 and R, since it's got some violence in it) (written around 2003)

 Dictionary Of Terms - Great title, 'eh? This isn't really a fanfiction, just a dictionary of Japanese terms found in my fanfics. I don't think it needs a rating. :-P 

Years and years ago I used to write poetry at a semi-regular clip, but I kinda stopped, and I lost all of those peoms. These are the most recent. So far they're all pretty depressing.

Blood - This one is kinda HLM's thoughts from #the_sewer_lair. (written around 2001)

Alone - This is Diana's thoughts from both #the_sewer_lair and #TMNT (written around 2001)

Anger - I wrote this to vent, royally. I guess some of the images are disturbing and it sort of offers a frightening look into my psiche. (Don't worry, I'm not planning on killing myself, it's...ah...implied...in the work.) (written around 2002)

Duality - Thoughts on life. (written around 2002)

The End - What I imagine dying might be like. (written around 2002)

Wind - A poem inspired by a beautiful, breezy spring day. (written around 2003)

Misplaced - How I've felt my whole life (and how I think everyone's felt at least once), put into words. (written around 2003)

Night - Inspired by a dramatic late spring night. Helped me get rid of a little bit of depression. (temporarily down, due to entry in contest) (written around 2003)

Wonder - Written in one of my classes, just telling of a wonder you can feel if you take pleasure in the simple things in life. (just entered it into a poetry contest. It's linked to the contest page ^-^) (written 2002)

Stars Through Life - Another school spawning, all about the different meanings stars can have, based upon where they are. (written 2002)

Shining Velvet - Nifty poem, again from class, I just really like the imagery. (written 2002)

Slowly - Inspired by the changing trees and seasons. (written 2002)

Crimson Janus - Based off the first time I've ever seen the Northern Lights ^-^ (written 2002)

Early Spring Day - Another poem inspired by a perfect spring day :) (written 2004)

Unsteady - This un's inspired by the feelings my asthma meds give me..not pretty feelings, either *shudders* (written 2004)

Wait on Nicollet - Written while waiting for my bus downtown, during a busy market day, and fighting off paranoia about crowds *G* (written 2004)New

To Live - just came to me while listening to hubby play...and I s'pose as a result of thinking about variouse events and traumas over the past few years... (written 2004)New

Guest Section
I'm pretty easy-going here...all I ask is to see the work, and if I like it, I'll post it. Simple as that. I might give a few suggestions to bettering it a bit (it's the writing tutor in me, what can I say? *G*), but it's by no means meant to be mean or anything. Feel free to e-mail me at moronqueen@yahoo.com

Robert MacMahon (e-mail)

Insanity of Vanity - about the pain vanity can cause, and how the realization that living your life for yourself will make  you a far happier person


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