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Majic Kennels English Springer Spaniels

Majic Kennels English Springer Spaniel
Welcome to Majic Kennels

AKC has now come out with a new program which should help buyers find good breeders.
It is called AKC Breeder of Merit.
This program awards breeders who belong to breed clubs, have produced titled dogs,
do health checks and have a history of producing quality,
healthy dogs.
In other words, no puppy miller or back yard breed will qualify.
This is one more tool that will help the buying public.
Ask the breeder you have chosen if they are an AKC Breeder of Merit....
then check at to see if it is true,
or ask to see their certificate:!!

We breed and show beautiful bench bred English Springer Spaniels.
We are very active in the Springer Community as well as in the dog whole dog community.
Please take time to enjoy all the pictures of my
English Springer Spaniels as well as those of my friends.
For those of you looking for puppies, scroll down to

Thank you, Janet Warner
Sumner, Washington

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Majic Kennel English Springer Spaniels

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