Is An English Springer Spaniel The Right Dog For You?

People often ask, "Are Springers hyper or very active? They can be both, or only one. We never really know what we will get in a litter.
My personal dogs are all laid back, so one would presume that the newest member, Becky, would be also.
She is the most active puppy we have ever raised!
Click here to see how wild a Springer CAN be.
We never know what we will end up with, though generally once the bench bred have matured they are a bit more staid.
Becky is 6 months old in this video clip.

The following is an article written by Arlene Blum. Please take time to read this, AND check out her website: Arlene's Web Site

An English Springer Spaniel may NOT be the right dog for you!!!Read below and find out.

If you want a dog who:
* is medium-sized, with a feathered coat
* Is cheerful, playful, high spirited tail wagger
* Makes a good watchdog, but NOT a guardian
* Is gregarious with other animals (in most cases)
* Is eager to please and responds well to positive methods of obedience training

An English Springer Spaniel may be right for you.

If you don't want to deal with:
* Frequent brushing, combing and clipping
* Serious dominance/aggression lurking in the background of SOME lines.
* Exuberant jumping on people (requires training)
* Rambunctiousness and destructive behaviors when not exercised enough or given enough attention and companionship (requires training,exercise and loving companionship)
* Persistant affection that can make him clingy and demanding attention, and prone to "seperation anxiety" when left alone. (requires training)

An English Springer Spaniel may NOT be right for you.


Things you should know before choosing a Springer for a pet:
According to the Dogs In Canada, The English Springer Spaniel can be found in two categories:
1. Good dogs that are hard to find, and
2. The high-input, high-output dog


In this category you will find some of the most wonderful breeds in the canine world. So good in fact, that they are extremely popular. Popularity is no favour to any breed of dog, as some people will breed unstable dogs to unhealthy dogs just to get those precious income-generating pups!
In every breed, ethical breeders struggle against this riptide, but the sheer numbers of animals produced each year puts these ethical breeders in the minority.
Thus, finding a healthy, stable dog from the most popular breeds is a challenge.
Proceed with great caution!
Take your time: visit puppies without your check book or cash in hand.
Walk away and think about your decision. All puppies are cute. You need more than a cute puppy. You need and deserve a healthy, stable companion. Buy only from a reputable breeder or look into rescuing a good dog who needs a new home.
Avoid pet shops and puppy mills.


The high-input, high-ouput dog, is the get-up-and-go dog. The run-five-miles-then-play-a-game-of-frisbee dog, the triathelete and the marathoner.Do not get one of these dogs unless you already have an active lifestyle!
These dogs want to be with you as much as possible. If you want a dog to lie at your feet, amuse itself, and be happy alone nine-to-five, after a short morning walk-- look elsewhere. If you want a dog that lives life to the fullest and wants you to too, these are the canines for you!
Many of these dogs are extremely intelligent. Owning one is a "use it or lose it" situation. Either you harness that intelligent mind through training or he will use it to develop behaviours that you would rather not see.
Common problems associated with these dogs are largely management issues that can be attributed to inadequate exercise, improper socializatin or poor training/management habits;chewing, wandering, nuisance barking, hyperactivity, attention-getting behaviors, digging, jumping up, mouthing.


The bottom line must be totally committed to providing enough exercise and training and grooming for your breed.
You must do your homework, research your breed of choice, find an ethical breeder, very possibly wait for "the right dog", or find a suitable dog in a rescue situation.
Otherwise, the Springer may NOT be right for you.
The English Springer Spaniel can be incredible companions BUT please don't get a Springer and leave him or her in a crate for 9 straight hours.
They will be miserable and so will you!They truly need to interact with you, use their wonderful minds and superior bodies.
If you can't provide the right home life, PLEASE find a breed that can participate with your particular life style.Please do not contribute to the situation by buying the wrong breed of dog, then dumping it because you made the wrong choice. >

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