Planned Parent Hood

Majic Kennels
will no longer be breeding.

After breeding for 27 years, it is time to retire.
We have produced amazing show dogs
and beloved family pets.
Now that I am an AKC judge, I will not have the time
to raise puppies to the level I wish to ensure
happy, well socialized puppies.
This page will remain up for one more year, into 2021.
In the meantime, please, visit often!
I will still know of others with litters and can help you get in contact with them.

As an active member of our Parent Club (ESSFTA) I will always have my finger on the pulse of the breed. ESSFTA,
as well as a member of two different Judges groups,
Oregon Dog Judges Association and
American Dog Show Judges

I often hear of puppies, if I do not have any myself.
Contact me at:

I would NEVER recommend buying from someone I did not admire and respect.
Just because someone belongs to the ESSFTA (parent club),
is on the BERP list or belongs to the Puget Sound English Springer Spaniel Association,
does NOT mean they are good breeders.
Bad people can slip through the membership cracks and once in, there is little, legally, that the parent club can or will do to boot them out.
I refer people to breeders who are honest and have the best interest of the breed at heart.
They are active in the Springer community, have their dogs health tested and actually DO something to show their dogs are worthy of breeding.
If you want MY OPINION on any local breeders, please feel free to ask.
I know all the GOOD breeders and will readily tell you who, in my opinion, you should avoid.
And don't be afraid of "going out of area" for a puppy. It is very easy to ship a puppy!

Please check my Facebook page
for more information as I rarely update this page.
I can forward to reputable breeders, anyone looking for a puppy. Just email me.
Puppy Buyer Etiquette.

And to help understand WHY you want to spend the extra money to buy from a good breeder,
I just want a pet

Please feel free to contact me at or, join us on Facebook

Any puppies from quality breeders should run about $1800.

WHY SO MUCH!!?? Read "Puppy Reality Check"

We at Majic Kennels, sold our pet quality puppies on a spay/neuter contract, limited registration, only.
They do not leave until they are 10 weeks old, Have been wormed and have had 2 sets of shots and their eyes cerf'd as well as possibly, microchipped.
All of my breeding dogs are listed on the OFA website.
and you should ALWAYS expect the same from ANY breeder.
All puppies come with a health guarantee.
At MAJIC KENNELS you can SEE the OFA and CERF paperwork on the parents AND see the CERF on the puppies.
I have all paperwork available for you to see when you come visit.
(Puppies are cerf'd at 8 weeks old and each puppy will have their cerf. certificate sent home in their puppy packet)
(Unlike the puppy millers)

All of our puppies are sold first and foremost as cherished family members.
We do not give "pick of the litter, or first pick, second pick", etc.
Rather, we attempt to match the perfect puppy which best fits your life style.
We strongly encourage owners to participate in formal activities with their Springers as well as enrolling them in doggie daycare.
Nothing is more satisfying then the bond you forge as you work together in Obedience,Rally,
(Rally is really fun and EASY) Agility, Hunting or the many other venues available.

AKC has now come out with a new program which should help buyers find good breeders.
It is called AKC Breeder of Merit.
This program awards breeders who belong to breed clubs, have produced titled dogs, do health checks and have a history of producing quality, healthy dogs.
In other words, no puppy miller or back yard breed will qualify.
This is one more tool that will help the buying public.
Ask the breeder you have chosen if they are an AKC Breeder of Merit....then check at to see if it is true, or ask to see their certificate:!!

For more information on Springers and what to look out for,scroll down to the bottom of the pages where there are more links.
Click here to find out a little more about
ethical breeding or for more hard core, no nonsense information click here, and for my own thoughts and suggestions and yes, rantings, on local puppymills.

If you HAVE bought from an unscrupulous breeder and the puppy is sick and/or dies, please TURN THEM IN!!
Keep records of the vet visits and diagnosis as well as conversations with the "breeder". You have recourse!!
Turn them into the Better Business Bureau. They keep records of all complaints and they will take your complaint SERIOUSLY!

You can also write to Consumer Affairs On Internet Puppy Sales. You can also see if the buyer you are looking at is listed here.
(though keep in mind they probably don't show every miller)

You can learn more about how to find a good puppy by starting at this educational site: ESS Puppy Help
This site is good information that applies to ANY kind of breed.

There is also a new brokerage firm,English Springer Spaniel Breeders selling puppies from various puppy millers at huge, over rated prices.
Located in Florida, these guys advertise several breeds of "Champion" lines.
They are a HUGE rip off! Buyer Beware! I was informed that for $2200 (almost twice what most GOOD breeders ask!)
you do NOT get an AKC registration, nor full paperwork!
The puppy I asked about was from Missouri, the Puppy Mill Capitol of the WORLD!
Please, people, try not to be this stupid.

And for GAWD sakes people!! Run from anyone breeding "rare" LEMONS or {ewww} Clumingers!!They are charlatans.

If you see a breeder from Montana that is selling ROAN Springer spaniels...
know that 99% of the Springer community is pretty damn sure she is crossing
English Cocker Spaniels with Springers and trying to pass them off to people as purebred Springers.
It can also be noted that this woman has just relinquished several of her dogs to the local shelter and ESRA.
This does NOT mean she is going out of business!!
It just means that
1) they were to old to breed
2)the puppies got to big and out of their "cute" stage.
It should be also noted that she recently moved from French Town, Mt. to, we think, the Missoula area.
There are many stories from her neighbors that indicate she left up to 20 dogs dead, on the property
and the living dogs were EATING them because she was gone and didn't feed them.

There is also a breeder in Oregon who baldly states she is a "Breeder Of Award"
and puts the FCI & AKC logo by this, as if to imply she is approved by these two registration bodies.
Let me assure you THERE IS NO SUCH AWARD! She is simply trying to pass herself off as reputable.
Judge this for yourself, but ask, "Why would someone have to FAKE an award if they were reputable?"
She also states that all genetic defects have been
bred out of the European lines.
The European lines DO have much to offer, but they are not without
some health problems.
There is NO BREED OF DOG, PURE BRED OR MIXED that is free of genetic health concerns!
Seriously, Mother Nature has her way WITH ALL OF US!
We just do our very best to limit it through selective breeding and telling the TRUTH to our buyers.Not making up some B.S!

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Join the fight to educate the public and eliminate these puppy millers