The way you stack your dog for the show ring is important. It is the first impression the judge gets. I have seen some HORRIBLE stack jobs and have learned the importance of learning this skill.When working with puppies, I start at an early age, so by the time they are in the show ring, it does not confuse them. Treat and praise often and I even clap and tell them how smart they are!Below are the steps to achieving this end.

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Robbie was such a good boy to come be my demo dog!

I start with holding the head and making them feel comfortable with it.

I pull the lead up, capture the head, and with my left hand hold the head from the back.

Soon he is resting it comfortably. Note on the "off side" where fingers are placed.

You want them to rest their head in your hand. This won't happen over night!

Just be insistant.

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