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Friday, May 26, 2006

Napoleon Dynamite and garden pictures

Last night Bruce and I viewed Napoleon Dynamite from our DVD rental last night. I was wondering what all the hype was about when it came out a few years ago and as a film it pretty much delivers little more. But the characterizations are frighteningly similar to my own high school experience in Idaho, if a bit lacking the sort of cynical edge that might make the story more interesting. Hey, I actually identified with the main character, which perhaps shows how lacking the story really is, and how much in common I have with the filmmakers who also grew up Mormon in a small Idaho town.

The garden, by the way, has been exploding in green growth and blooms after the week or so of dry, warm weather and now a warm front of moist air is bringing out the Iris so much more than the past two years. It helps that I've moved them to sunnier spots, but even the native yellow flag I was given two years ago is blooming in the same shady spot I planted it two years ago.

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