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Friday, February 24, 2006

Prince Albert free again...

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Today we adopted a cat from Vashon Island Pet Protectors. He is likely a Maine Coon. He has six toes on each front paw and carries the bi-level coat. He has an extremely pleasent disposition. Jodi, our Aussie Terrier was not too well behaved, perhaps because Bruce usually tells her to chase after cats, but we are attempting to introduce them slowly. I think they might be the best of pals soon. He is adapting to the house pretty well, first checking out where the rats have been coming in from the outside, then assuming space under the couch in the living room.

He was picked up as a stray although his house manners and immediate friendly manner suggest he could be just a wayward kitty. He's welcome to stay here until then or indefinately as situations deem. He is neutered with a good disposition and seemingly healthy constitution; about four years old.