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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

St. Valentine's color is Green this year...

I've not had the inclination to post many pictures as it is just easier to link to my Photobucket. Bruce and I have both been working in the back yard, so these images are our Valentine to you. It is exciting to see bulbs I planted last year return in larger numbers and with such vigor. I gathered a bunch of seed from pods last fall, so there will be a return of other plants as well.

Bruce also helped me place an order with Spring Hill Nursery which I suspect will arrive in about a month. Although I don't have the space right now, I have many new beds in mind and with some planning I will have the new plants placed to maximize the impact of thier blooms. I intend to keep posting images of flowers growing here, so as long as I can replace our camera which is aging rapidly there should be lots of photos.