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Wednesday, March 03, 2004

This past Monday I attended a cooking class that was given by my friend Eric Todd on Middle Eastern Appetizers. It was very fun watching Eric do his thing and the food was delicious. He started with Hummous which is a fav of mine. Next he made Pita, which is no more different than making french bread, simply rolled flat then baked. It takes time because it needs to rise but in that warm kitchen it was quick. Then he roasted an eggplant right there on the flame grill and made a very tasty Baba Ghanoush. Next he made a tzatziki dressing, then boreks and finally baklava. He made it look all so easy that I'm going to have to try all his recipes and post the results!

Tomorrow I will be going to Eric's show which is opening down in Pioneer Square. Since I've framed the piece I bought from him last Halloween (and almost lost irretrivably), I've been thinking I need some of his color work. Alas, I have nothing in my art buying budget until next year sometime. *sigh*