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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

In the Jungle of my words...

Despite much of my own angst, perhaps because of it all, I've been writing more on my novel this week. I took the whole week off just so I could focus on it and get myself writing as a primer for my well of creativity. In better times you'd find me at Burning Man. Since I can't be there, I have to stay here in Seattle and write on my novel.

Chris Crounse seems to be out on the Penninsula looking at Mars, running naked in the woods with some friends he chooses not to name. Jeff and Byron are hunting for a new apartment because there is a mildew problem in their current situation and it is adversly effecting Byron's health. Chris Weeks and Rick Bellairs are working this week and not camping because of a camping ban in Canada, perhaps because of the dryness this season. Tara and Steve mentioned that they might invite friends over for Labor Day weekend, so I will be talking to them later this week. Purple Mark is attending Burning Man.

I have posted his pictures here at flickr.


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