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Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Goddess Ravenna Ravine

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This is what I wrote on Sunday, May 11th:

The next day I'd made plans with Purple to participate in the Ravenna Ravine celebration that he always attends. This is held by the Radical Fairies every year and is a very joyous celebration of life and nature. Although it seems a little strange for a bunch of gay men to be celebrating procreation and the goddess, the whole event resonated for me with meaning and joy. A opening ceremony was performed on the west lawn where everyone first gathered. The four directions were invoked and then everyone called for the May Queen to come out of the ravine.

Christopher was dressed in a beautiful renaissance gown in green, purple and white. For someone who is growing out of his nubile androgynous good looks, he looked very handsome and beautiful as the May Queen. He was also very articulate and kept the proceedings focused and moving.

A procession down the ravine took place next and then a stop to pass over a brook and under a bower in order to receive blessings and presents from the May King and Queen. I received a piece of slate with interesting occlusions, a package of seeds and a small porcelain Venus de Wellendorf figure, pierced through the head so as to be a charm for a necklace.

Some more singing and speeches then up the hillside to a large potluck brunch. Then the May pole was set up and several more speeches and songs, rushing the May Pole and finally the dance, which was very organized this year until the King (aka Leo) insisted everyone run around chaotically at the very last, which ended up tying Darlene, the ambassador's wife to the May Pole and then and then and then it was time to go home.


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