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Sunday, May 19, 2002

This past week has been both productive and busy. A week ago Friday I had an interview at Community Psychiatric Clinic for an administrative assistant position. They offered me the position this Friday. Yeah! My dependence on unemployment will end soon.

Tuesday I met with Nancy, Carolyn and Maxxwell to see "The Importance of Being Earnest". A costume drama with anachronisms, as Carolyn pointed out. But I found it a fun romp through Wilde's naughty parlor room comedy. I was reminded of "The Great Race" and other films from the early seventies that took liberties with history in favor of laughs.

Friday was the next installment of Babel-17, the reading group that I've been attending. This month's reading was "The Golden Compass", a juvenile fantasy novel by Philip Pullman. Over all, I found it an exciting read, although I have to agree with most everyone that it deals with several adult themes and may not be understood by every teenager who reads it.

Saturday, my friend Frank Young, whom I've recently recontacted after being out of contact for several years, took me to see "Y Tu Mama Tambien!" It was very revealing on a second veiwing. The director has packed a lot of symbolism and background into this little sex drama. As my friend Carolyn has been pointing out, this film would just be another "Porky's" in the hands of an american film director. I'm going to watch for more from Alfonso Cuar´┐Żn.


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