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Sunday, May 12, 2002

I've been a very bad boy, spending my tax return almost exclusively on petty selfish things rather than doing proactive things like investing the money or paying off late bills. Well, I take back that last bit, as a gift to myself I did pay part of a loan and I started paying off one noisy creditor.

The week of my birthday was mostly uneventful, besides looking for work. That Monday, Carolyn and I made a special trip, after going to the food bank, to pick up Ramen style Thai "wheat noodles" packages from Uwajimaya. The one thing I didn't count on, MSG in nearly every one.

I didn't do much this week but plan for Friday, May third, my birthday. That Thursday I joined some of my friends out at the Jade Pagoda on Broadway for drinks. Generally pleasent.

Friday was bright and sunny, a perfect day for a birthday. I was up fairly early but found myself rushing to get to the tattoo parlor. Once I was out the door I realized that I had still sometime to get a bite to eat and stopped at QFC to pick up a scone and an Odwalla drink for breakfast. I was a few minutes early, when I arrived at Superstar tattoo and piercing. Mark Mitchell, my tattoo artist, was actually still collecting himself but ushered me back to his chair after introducing me to his co-workers, a very talented artist named George and the piercer whom I don't remember his name.

The process took about two hours and several cigarette breaks later I was the proud owner of a set of Egyptian wings around a turgid "rooster", mounted on my upper left shoulder. Ask me for a picture if you need edification.

Carolyn had suggested a potluck brunch for me and our friend Ray, so our friends Judy and her husband Billy hosted us Sunday afternoon at their house with the intention of us watching Judy's recording of "Montreal Sextet" or "Motreal vu par...", which unfortunately was incomplete. Judy made a souffle (my first ever), Billy made pancakes, I brought bacon and made a key lime pie, Ray brought champange and orange juice, Carolyn brought a delicious German's Chocolate cake, Nancy brought equally delicious banana-nut bread. We had a great time. In addition Nancy gave me a short stack of eight pack of Vampire:The Eternal Struggle cards, a game I've collected cards for some years.

Sunday night at the Vogue was fun because I was able to show off my new tattoo by wearing my black sheer night club shirt. Purple gave me a blue vinyl bustier for my birthday. I stayed on to close the club and walked my friend Alex home.

The following week was pretty fun with decidedly Mexican fare. On Monday my friend Jason took me out to dinner at La Puerta and gave me a copy of Phillip Pullman's The Golden Compass. On Wednesday, Purple took me out to dinner at Gallerias' in their new space where Minnie's used to be. I had the Remedios Varo, which is a delicious garlicky dish of chicken legs stuffed with feta cheese and spinich covered with an avacado sauce. Yum! Thursday, my friend Maxxwell invited me to see the new Spiderman movie. We first met for lunch at Azteca with a friend of his, Stan. Maxxwell gave me five tapes he'd mixed from his personal collection of music and all of the porno he'd written for me to edit. The movie was fun and afterward I visited with Nancy and her mother for dinner. Later that evening the brunch group got together to watch a pre-recording of last weeks "Queer As Folk" episode.

Last night Purple invited several people over for a "European" party. He served chocolate from several countries he'd visited and showed many of the photographs he'd taken there as well. In Barcelona he'd picked up a couple bottles of absinthe, so that was imbibed as well. Wonderful fun. I met some new people, friends of Purple: Eric, Brand, Lindsey and Chris. Carolyn also attended.


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