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Thursday, May 09, 2002

DJ Eternal Darkness

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Within the past two weeks I've got myself organized enough to track down some of the music I've been hearing at the Vogue on Sunday nights. Mostly German electronica which I've not really paid much attention, but because my friend Jason is a big Alphaville fan, I've become more aware of it. So, I've been hearing this one song that I've enjoyed which has a chorus lyric talking about "the day the earth stood still". Not exactly a direct reference to the movie of the same name, the song seems to be referring to nuclear holocaust, but a very cool track nonetheless. The movie seems to be a reference point for gothics, perhaps because it was a very negative yet aesthetic look at post-WWII nineteen-fifties society in America and human frailty. Several years ago I was impressed when Bryan Ferry quoted the alien's psuedo-latin message of peace on his solo album for the song "Save Me". I can't think of the phrase, right now, exactly. Will McGuckin, a grade school friend who'd introduced me to Star Wars, way back when, had raved about this black and white story of Cold War politics.