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Sunday, October 07, 2001

sweetcherrie.com :: interact :: which rockstar is your rockstar boyfriend? take the test!

It's nice to know that I could be boyfriends with the lead singer to Radiohead, that was if he was available. I still hold a torch for Morten Harket of A-ha fame, though...but he went off an got married, had a kid and made some solo albumns. Not bad really, I checked them out a while ago on the web.

It must be a good day. Today went smoothly at work and tonight I stumbled upon a secret online world that I always suspected existed but never really had access to. Of course, I knew them all and one or two might know me now...if I made any of an impression at all...but the truth is I am just not of that frame of mind. They're all Leos and Cancers and Libras and such. Too bad us Taurus tend to be loners.

We're so loyal, guys! Befriend us and you will have a pal for life! Really! Which reminds me, had another close encounter at work with [insert code word for people who live in your world but don't act as if you exist] today. I'm going to have to think up what that code word might be..."the boys"? "personae non grata"? "the twin J's"? I don't know. Only those who know me will understand what that means and I've been pretty hermetic these days.

Yikes! That was a yawn! Night all!


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