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Wednesday, October 31, 2001

I am suffering from sleep deprivation and insomnia. It starts Friday night. I work until eight thirty and usually I go immediately home. This past week I�ve had a project that I promised a client and I�ve been lacking the motivation to follow through with the project because it entails mostly busy work changing things already in place. I�d already put in a couple of hours, but hadn�t gotten it to a point where it could wait.

This Friday was the Seattle gathering for NaNoWriMo at the NiteLite downtown. I waited for a number ten bus and arrived around nine. At first I couldn�t find the group because they�d been ousted out of the back room they�d reserved from seven until nine and they were hovering around the jukebox, which is right in front of the restrooms. So I was milling about and then I noticed this group of people where some of them were wearing nametags that read, �Hello! My name is NaNoWriMo.� I started chatting and they soon had me writing down my email for a Yahoo! Group that the woman organizing the event here in Seattle was planning setting up. You can visit it here:

Yahoo! Groups : seananowrimo

Walked home with Christine who told me some about her life and ambitions with writing. I was naturally a little stoked from the meeting so I got online and logged into Planet Out�s chat room found my werewolf friend and chatted for a bit before going to bed.

I have to work Saturday morning early. My schedule at City People�s mercantile runs Tuesday through Saturday, but Saturday is the odd day in that I have to come in to work at nine forty-five rather than eleven forty-five. Needless to say, I am usually dragging Saturday morning.

Email is one of the first things I ignore when I am under the pressure of a deadline. That�s why I am posting in my Blog instead. Anyone needing to check up on me can read this and send me an email. Not that the information you are looking for is here. I have to admit I don�t know what anyone would expect from this log outside of myself. I have a tendency to be wordy so I doubt many people read much past the current post.

Turns out Carolyn had wanted to attend the NaNoWriMo gathering and I had just missed her when I called about it Friday. So Saturday night after work I took her out for a cheap Asian dinner and a movie, �Waking Life;� which I do recommend if only for the ideas it contains, difficult watching though. On a side note, Christine from Friday night was working there; she hadn�t mentioned she was doing part-time work.

Sunday did accord me another hour catch-up since Daylight savings time occurred. But I still showed up a little early to brunch at Charlie�s. I went home after and tried to rest but found my projects too pressing. Even so, I wasted time doing nothing constructive. Then I got ready for Fetish Night at the Vogue, this time wearing stage makeup that turned out well. I took pictures when I got home which I will post on my main page soon.

Here it is Wednesday after all that. I got the changes I needed done Monday evening and my client wrote back saying they liked my work. There is always a pleasant feeling of satisfaction but I am still sleepy and unfocused.


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