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Friday, October 12, 2001

Seattle's TRUE VALUE Hardware Stores

I've been very critical of the management this past month for several reasons, so I've held off posting anything specific. My attitude at work though has been very low. I don't see it getting any better this season.

We just received our first paychecks from the new contract this week and although I am making more money, I can't help but say that I am still disappointed. I turned down a merchandizing job offer this week because it would have been only eight hours and would not have contributed anything to my salary. Also, it would mean I'd be managed by someone who does not have confidence in me, a state of affairs that would only depress me more.

I am seriously considering a third job for my mornings. I cannot meet my financial obligations with the income I have now. It is difficult to motivate myself when I know that the progress I make everyday only contributes in very small increments to pulling me out of my financial hole.

I've been good though. I haven't spent money frivolously like I did back in August. Last weekend I visited with Carolyn and Mark at Charlie's but didn't spend money. Mark gave me some blue fishnets. I know he misses my presence at the Vogue Sunday nights.

Instead Carolyn invited me over to help her make a copy of a "shredded" pork soup that she'd orders at her favorite Asian restaurant around the corner. The results weren't exact, partly because I seared the pork, but the soup really turned out fine and Carolyn said the curried rice turned out better than when she usually makes it herself.

I do have to say I very much enjoy cooking with friends. I've only done it a few times in the past, but those few times have always been choice. It is interesting to learn what other people's tastes and methods are.

I also loaded The Longest Journey on Carolyn's computer and walked her through the prologue. Jon Macy sent me the interactive adventure game last spring after he'd been blown away by the graphics and depth of the characters. I have to say it was far and away better than the vaguely misogynistic Circle of Blood game I played several years ago.

Amy of Pistilbooks.com has challenged me to write and exchange three pages on a weekly basis. So far our first attempt was feeble but I hope to do better in the near future. On another note, my other writing friend David H. stopped by City People's yesterday with boyfriend in tow to return a book I lent him. I hope he stays in contact; I really am inspired by his commitment to his writing.


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