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Posted 12/9/03 by Sarah Chandler
I'm looking for a Citadel saber, stolen by movers in 1984. It is engraved with the name Charles G. Chandler III. Great sentimental value. It would be nice to return this saber to its rightful owner, my father-in-law.

Posted 12/9/03 by Mike Prictor, Australia
WANTED: 18th Century Line Infantry/Grenadier hangers; English/French/Prussian in particular. I am seeking an English 1742 Pattern, a French 1767 Pattern, an Epee Du Soldat and will consider all others.

Posted 12/9/03 by Manuel Dumont
Would like to find and purchase any sword with the maker name of "dumont." These would be of French origin. Any leads would be great.

Posted 10/14/03 by
Looking for 2 Polish cavalry swords, WWII era. Reproductions are okay. Contact me even if you only know of a single one. Thanks.

Posted 5/20/03 by Steve Crossley
Wanted ww1 welsh trench sword. repro o.k.

Posted 5/20/03 by
Looking for Cuban Independence War 1895-1898 machetes and Spanish officers sabers. Also Spanish American War (Cuba) 1898-1899, US officers sabers.

Posted 3/21/03 by Clay Pryor
I am always looking for Japanese Swords in WWII mounts. Please stop by my site at

Posted 3/21/03 by Tom Rung
Hi,I am looking for a sword I saw some years ago, a Civil War sword with a tag that reads belongs to Daniel Caldwell or his brother Ezekiel. The sword is rusty and bent . I have a medal with his name on it , I tried to buy it from a dealer, but when I contacted him he told me he sold it, have been trying to locate this sword for a long time, please help if you can. The sword was sold in the Penn. area.

Posted 3/21/03 by Gary Bergman
Hello, I'm looking for scabbards for model 1852 Naval Swords,both wide blade and later,narrow models.

Posted 11/10/02 by Hal Aaron
Wanted: Sabers for use by school drill team in the $30-$70 range. Replicas are OK with us. Our old ones are plain blade, 42" sabers with a black hand grip with gold or silver thread. the blace is slightly curved up. The hand guard is silver in color as is the blade.

Posted 11/10/02 by Mike Lubeckyj
I am looking for a scabbard for an M1840 NCO Sword dated 1862 manufactured by the C. Roby Company of W. Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

Posted 11/10/02 by Abe Greenstein
I am looking for a antique or replica scabbard for 1852 ames mfg (olderversion wider blade) naval officers sword.

Posted 4/30/02 by William Willaims
Wanted, swords attributed to the Royal Welsh (Welch) Fusilies and other Welch units. Especially want 1742 RWF pattern hanger. Top price paid.

Posted 2/22/02
WANTED: Missouri Military Academy Sword. Please help me locate a Missouri Military Academy Sword. It is a Model 1902 Chrome/Nickle sword with Missouri Military Academy on the blade with the main building (Stribling Hall). Most had a place for an officers name; however, I would like to find one without the name engraved. Please email me direct at:

Posted 2/22/02 by Hedley Murton
Wanted... scabbard for a Royal Navy cutlass, with two frogs, if possible. I have two cutlasses, one scabbard, and I need the other scabbard, and the frogs, to make a presentation to a nautical college.
Hedley Murton CD .CPO RN Retd.

Posted 2/22/02 by Bob Erlandson
Collector looking for:
1. Scottish officer's basket-hilt broadsword, marked to Royal Highland Fusiliers. If it has owner's name or initials so much the better.
2. Highland Regiment 18th C. basket-hilt backsword with blade marked Drury or Jefris.
3. Black Watch items, not just weapons. E-mails answered promptly.

Posted on 5/28/01 by Alan Carriveau acarriveau@home
Wanted: Cast or stamped original or reproduction Wilhelm II grip cipher for German Model 1889 infantry officer's sword. If you don't have one but know a source, please e-mail me.

Posted on 5/28/01 by Jaako Helminen
Wanted Russian Naval Cutlass(hanger) model 1810.

Posted on 2/19/01 by Ron Mellor
Wanted: Any British Police swords.
Ron Mellor (UK)

Posted on 2/11/01 by Cathey Brimage
Wanted: Sword knot for an 1803 Infantry Officers Sword. Also collecting blue and gilt Swords in good condition ie: 90% blue and gilt remaining.

Posted 1/24/01 by Juan Jose Perez
Looking for a book, "Spanish Military Weapons in Colonial America, 1700-1821", by Sydney Brinckerhoff, currently out of print. Any regular condition copy will meet my needs.

Posted 12/30/00 by Gary Hicks
Wanted: Scabbard for a US M1840 Heavy Cavalry saber. Would be willing to buy or trade for a reproduction M1860 saber with scabbard.

Posted 12/30/00 by John Hart
Wanted: Scabbard for British 1885 Pattern Cavalry Sword. The required scabbard is the MK1, made of steel and with opposing fixed hanging rings. Any condition considered.

Posted 12/30/00 by John Mattson
Wanted: Scabbard for an English early to mid 19th century cavalry saber. Exact model unknown, please contact with details.

Posted 12/10/00 by Charles F. Campbell
Searching for pre-1865 Virginia associated edged weapons and Pre-1918 British and American swords with provenance.

Posted 11/24/00 by Steve Larsen
Wanted: Rapiers, 16th and 17th century. Buying any price range, but must be original and of the period. Call Steve Larsen Days (415)454-3087 nights (415)455- 0672. Email:

Posted 11/12/00 by John Mattson
WANTED: Scabbard to fit a Tiffany dragoon type cavalry saber.

Posted 11/9/00 by William Williams (
Wanted: 1742 pattern infantry hanger of the Royal Welch Fusilier pattern. This hanger has a brass handle which bears the Prince of Wales feathers and the Hanoverian horse.

Posted 11/05/00
Wanted: WW1 9th Batt. Royal Welch Fusiliers Trench Sword
Chris Haywood

Posted 5/30/00
I am looking for Polish sabers model 1934, 1931, 1921, 1917 and any other Polish edged weapons.
Witold Wrotek.

Posted 5/30/00
I'm trying to buy British, French and American naval boarding axes, particularly for the period 1780 to 1850. Very good prices paid for nice original items.
Sim Comfort

Posted 5/30/00
I am looking for a Union Civil War Sword which belonged to my Great-Great Grandfather William H. Young. It was lost or sold in the late 1970's in New Jersey. I believe it is an 1850 Pattern US Foot Officer's Sword or similar model sword. It is inscribed: Colonel William H. Young. Colonel Young was from Albany, if it helps. If you have any information, I would be interested in locating and purchasing this sword.
Bob Haarde