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Sword Dealers

If you'd like to be listed here, please e-mail me. All I ask is that you put a link to my site on your page.

Antique Swords

Kalvin Kelley's homepage
Kalvin's page is the most in-depth page for sword collectors I've come across so far. A collector who deals in antique weapons, he also goes to great effort to help other collectors. He runs a forum page, has pages on sword identification and replica detection, sells reference books, and runs a chat room. Well worth the time spent on a visit.

The Antique Gun Room dot Com
This is a rather interesting marketplace that has a good newsletter, and keeps track of all the major arms auctions. It's worth a visit or 10.

Virginia Civil War Relics" is a great site for finding tangible pieces of CW history for sale. The link list is useful for historians and collectors alike!
Rob Robles's homepage. Rob's page is also highly recommended. Primarily a page dealing in swords and guns, he also runs forum pages and has an identification page.

A British dealer in a wide variety of high quality antique weapons. This site usually has weapons ranging from US Civil War swords to a variety of ethnic knives. A good place for students of the sword, as well as collectors.

Ron Ruble Enterprises
An American dealer in fine antique arms, armor and art. Very nice, high-end products.

Fine Antique Arms
T.H. Porter's page. Another dealer in fine antique arms, armor, and art. Also very nice, high-end products.

Le Hussard
A French dealer in high quality weapons, ranging from pistols and long guns to polearms and swords. The site is in French, but you don't have to speak French to look at the pictures. Right now (Feb 20, 1999), the Franc is about 6/1 with the dollar if you want to compare prices.

Will Gorges Civil War Battleground Antiques
This is the web page of a well respected dealer in Civil War antiques. Take a look!

Keemakoo Civil War Antiques
Jim is actually one of the first people to ask me for a link exchange, rather than the other way around. Thanks, Jim! The title says it all--it's a pretty straightforward site.

Russian and Caucasian Swords
This site doesn't have much text, but if you are looking for this type of sword, give it a visit.

Scottish Sword and Shield
A very interesting site that deals specifically with ethnic Scottish weapons and shields. Some modern, some antique, but all interesting.

Time Traveller Collectibles
John is a collector and dealer of militaria, swords, medals, and collectors toys, such as Star Wars toys and Matchbox cars. He has good pictures and thorough descriptions of his wares, and a wide variety to choose from.

Collectible Firearms and Edged Weapons
This is a really interesting one--these people deal in a wide variety of guns, swords, and books, specializing in Eastern European wares.

Uncle Davey's Americana
Another dealer in Civil War antiques. His prices seem good, and he is willing to lend a hand to researchers as well--he donated the picture of the F. Poetter mark on my Sword Manufacturer article.
Antiquities of Empire is Randy Rainsburgh's site. He's got a nice selection of high quality items, and has the most original sword-display holder I've seen (not for sale, though).

Historical Sword Companies

The well-known English maker of swords and razor blades.

Weyersberg, Kirschbaum, and Company
Well known names among the sword collecting communitiy, Weyersberg and Kirschbaum both exported sabers to the US during the Civil War. They merged in the 1880s and still make swords in the legendary swordmaking town of Solingen.

Ames Sword Co.
This is a name that should be known to all collectors of American Swords. The Ames company has been in existance in some form or another for over two hundred years, and has been making swords since 1833. Now they mostly deal in fraternal and current military swords, custom presentation swords, and a few historical models. Their M1860 cavalry saber, considered the best replica on the market, is made using the same machinery that the antiques were made on, uses the same molds for the hilt, and is well priced.

France Lames
Well known as a foil maker for the last three decades, France Lames has recently branched into the military sword market. Unlike most companies that sell primarily American military swords, this one also sells French and English models.

Modern Swords

Arms and Armor
This site sells the most historically accurate and beautiful swords and armor I've seen. The prices are higher than some other sites, but the quality is exquisite.

Based in the Czech Republic, this company has a site full of historically accurate, aesthetically pleasing, reasonably priced swords and weapons. The site is written in English, and if you don't mind ordering from overseas it offers an alternative to some of the higher priced domestic manufacturers.

Robert MacPerson, Armourer Robert makes some of the most beautiful swords and armor I've seen outside of museums. His pieces very nicely replicate the highest quality of medieval arms, and I recommend his sight to any fellow armour lover.

By The Sword
This site sells a wide variety of swords, armor, and crossbows for the recreator or the collector of modern pieces. They offer swords from a wide variety of makers, so comparison is easy.

Albion Armorors
Howy and Amy have one of the most informative sites I've seen for reenactors or for collectors. They have anticipated every need, ranging from books to swords to armor, and have planned for every detail from the point you place an order to the point the sword reaches you. Very user friendly, and one of the most aesthetically pleasing sites I've seen in a while, too.

William of Stafford's Arms and Armour Index
William is an SCA member who compiled a list to over 100 sites dealing in modern reproduction armour and weapons. If you are looking to compare prices or wares between dealers, stop here first.

Thai Swords
An interesting and informative page, dealing dhas other styles of sword not often seen in this part of the world. Well worth a visit by collectors of Asian swords.

Fantasy Swords

Lundegaard Armories
One of the more creative custom swordmakers out there. They've got a rapier to match anyone's personality.

Licata Custom Knives and Armor
Although not for everyone, the knives and swords on this site are some of the most creatively designed I've seen. Most seem to have a flame theme to them.


Quality Blade Books
This site is maintained by Rick Wagner, a longtime collector of edged weapons, a donor of many of the pictures and some of the research articles on this website, and a longtime supporter of the Oregon Knife Collector's Club. Every book he lists for sale is one that he personally feels is useful to collectors--otherwise he wouldn't sell it.

Prospect Books
This is one of the few bookstores that deals entirely in sword and firearms books. If you are looking for a specific book, they probably have it. They are situated in Wales, so the usual UK postage rates apply when shipping abroad.

Heritage Gun Books
A site dealing primarily in books on guns, but also sells books on swords and has a want list page.

Mike Wagner
Mike is a fellow sword collector, primarily collecting high quality US sabers, who has hundreds of references on swords and armor. He sells the books, and once in a while sells a sword.,, and
All have selections of books on swords. The link connects to the bookstore I set up.

Historical Fencing Manuals
Copies of Renaissance and military fencing manuals, sold at cost. A great site for the recreator or sport fencer.

Misc. Recommended Sites

Militaria Online
A conglomerated listing of links to dealers and collectors online. If you are searching for a specific object, I recommend searching through here. The site also has a feature which enables collectors to get in touch with others in their field.

To contact me, click the ID Service link at the top of the page. --Mike