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General Interest

Sword Collecting for Beginners
by Mike McWatters

Straightened Blades: The Selling of Hollywood's Antique Sabers
by Mike McWatters

American Swords

Manufacturers of Regulation Enlisted Model Swords During the US Civil War
and Photographs of their Marks

by Mike McWatters

Civil War Contract Sword Inspectors, by Company and Date
by Mike McWatters
added 8/20/01

Tom Nardi's American Sword Price Guide
added 10/10/03

Elisha Tobey's Forgotten M1818 Starr Sabers
Research into a saber inspector who was forgotten by the other references.
by Mike McWatters

Fraternal and Societal Swords
by Mike McWatters

Focusing on the M1917/M1941 Cutlass
by Rick Wagner

Six articles by Dave Radcliffe:
A Possible M1832 Pay Dept. Sword
Two M1860 Staff and Field Swords
100 Years of Naval Cutlasses
Four Big Black Swords (1812 era)
Three Swords, part 1(1800 era officer swords)
Three Swords, part 2

Added 6/29/01
A Display of American Officers' Sabers from the War of 1812
by Rick Wagner

European Swords

History of Klingenthal Blade Manufacturing
by Jean Bink

A Brief History of the Manufacture de Châtellerault
by Jean Bink

A Strange British Sword
An interesting story of deductive investigation in sword collecting.
by Jean Bink

The Italian Improved Sword Handle
A study of a new design developed during the cut vs. thrust debates.
by Jean Binck

The Edged Weapons Factory at Toledo
by Juan Jose Perez

Added 12/10/00:
Swords and Sabers of Spanish Cavalry Troopers, Since 1728
by Juan Jose Perez

Added 10/29/00:
A Well Executed Fake
Describing a sword that was altered to try to make it more valuable.

Research in Progress

A Comparison Between US Civil War Swords and the French Patterns that Inspired Them, by Jean Bink and Mike McWatters

The Patton Cavalry Sword, its Making, History, and Use, by Mike McWatters

Three Rare and Interesting Artillery Swords, by Mike McWatters
(inspired by having found some great pictures on the internet).

A Photographic Survey of Steel Hilted Smallswords, by Mike McWatters
(One of my favorite styles.)

Anyone who is interested in writing an article of interest to sword collectors is welcome and encouraged to submit it for posting. All rights to submitted works are retained by original authors.

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