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Sword Identification Services

For the benefit of collectors and other interested people, I offer the following sets of photographs to assist in sword identification. Please be patient, the pages have a lot of pictures and take a while to load.

A Photographic Guide to Sword Terms

American Regulation Sword Patterns, 1812-1917

Manufacturer Markings of US Civil War Era Enlisted Pattern Swords

Send Pictures of Swords you Want to ID! If you are a collector with something you don't recognize or simply have an old sword that you would like to learn about, please drop me a line and send me some pictures! If you can't send pictures, a detailed description including blade style, factory marks on the blade, and hilt style and ornamentation may be enough for me to identify the sword.

ADDED 5/25/04:

I have recently moved to a home that requires most of my spare time, and the best local internet connection speed is 26.6k. Answering peoples' sword questions has gone from being quick and easy to something that is very slow and takes away the little free time I have left. Lately I have taken to answering peoples' questions during my lunch break at work, where I still have a fast connection. As a result, as of 6/1/04, I am asking for a donation of $2 for general questions about swords. This fee will go towards buying more books on swords.

If you are seeking identification for commercial purposes, such as trying to find information about a sword you are planning to put on Ebay, I charge $5 per sword.

Any pictures sent to me will become my property, and I may use them in future research or articles.