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Sword Terminology

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The Blade

edge: self explanitory
false edge: the short edge on the back of a saber, extending back from the point.
forte/foible: the strong/weak half of the blade, respectively.
fuller: a groove meant to lighten and strengthen the blade, often misnamed a blood groove.
point: once again, self explanitory.
point of percussion: the point where the forte and foible meet, considered the best point to strike with.
ricasso: the unsharpened part of the blade where it extends out from the handle. Maker's marks are usually put here.
tang: the part of the blade extends through the handle, attaching to the pommel.

The Hilt

backstrap: a metal strap running down the back of the handle, resting in the palm of the hand.
capstan rivet: a rivet holding the end of the tang to the pommel.
ear: a small, semicircular extension of the backstrap on either side of the grips.
ferrule: a washer-like piece of metal between the grips and guard, holding the handle secure.
grips: yup, the part you hold.
knuckle bow: a single strap running from the quillon to the pommel that guards the front of the hand.
langets: short extensions of the guard that run parallel to the blade and serve to hold the sword secure in the scabbard.
pas d'ane: a finger ring between the quillon and a dish guard. Usually found on smallswords and rapiers.
pommel: the part of the handle that keeps your pinky from sliding off. Also holds the whole sword together.
quillon: the cross piece on a sword.
sword knot: a decoration that hangs from the guard, usually a symbol of rank for officers.

The Scabbard

bands: rings around that scabbard that are attatched to the carrying rings.
drag: the tip of the scabbard, where it often hits the ground.
rings: the parts that dangle from the scabbard, used to attatch the sword to one's person.
throat: the part of the scabbard that swallows the sword.

Sword Types

Just a few of thier many names.

backsword, baselard, basket hilt,
bastard (hand and a half) sword,
bearing sword, broadsword, cinquedea,
cleadhemh-mohr, claymore, cutlass,
cuttoe, dao, dha,
epee, falcata, falchion,
ferengi, flamberge, foil,
gladius, gunto, hanger,
katana, kaskara, khanda, khopesh,
macahuitl, parang, pata,
presentation sword, riding sword,
rapier, saber, saber bayonet,
scimitar (shamshir), shasqua,
short sword, smallsword, sword of tenure,
tachi, talwar, tuck,
two-handed sword, wakizashi, yatagan,