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If have a sword, parts of a sword, or other related stuff that you're willing to part with, drop me a line and I'll list it for free.

Posted 12/9/03 by Sue Reilly
For Sale: E&F Horster Solingen dress bayonet exc.cond w/ leather scabbard (also exc. cond.) WWI to 1930s by comparable photos. Mismatched #'s (5 digits), unidentified stamp on butt (waffenampt?).

Posted 10/14/03 by George Hill
I have a Klingenthal Cuirassier sabre (1802/03 pattern). Fullered blade with Klingenthal inscription, steel scabbard. Brass four bar hilt. 46 inches long. Want to sell it. Image available if required/interested. 120.00 inlcuding postage/packaging for carriage to British mainland.

Posted 10/14/03 by G. Allen
My collection of guns, swords, dress daggers, and bayonets is for sale. After over 60 years of collecting, it's time to quit. I have a 14 page, annotated list, for $3.00, postpaid.
G. Allen
Box 7431
Spreckels, CA 93962-7431

Posted 10/14/03 by
For Sale: 1814 US Naval cutless. 26.5 inch blade (approx.). About 31 inches over all. US inscribed on front guard. All metal grip. In good conditon, some surface rust, some nicks on the blade, pitting on handle. Make me an offer.

Posted 5/20/03 by Gil Foster
My collection of guns, swords, dress daggers, and bayonets is for sale. After over 60 years of collecting, it's time to quit. I have a 14 page, annotated list, for $3.00, postpaid.
G. Allen
Box 7431
Spreckels, CA 93962-7431

Posted 5/20/03 by
I am down sizing my collection & concentrating on medals & am keeping just a few quality Japanese swords & armour, the rest I want to sell,or trade. I will also trade for for Australian Bravery medal groups or killed in action medal groups. Email for full list, including fine Japanese swords, pole weapons, armour, and books.

Posted 5/20/03 by John Bryant
For sale, 5 German swords: imperial era saber, nazi era saber ('35-'41), infantry officer sword, late 1800's, import saber late 1800's and seitengewehr bavarian artillery short sword 1893. 609-894-0440

Posted 5/20/02 by Jake Broadrick
I'm looking to sell an excellent antique O-wakizashi forged circa 1661 by Musashi no Kami Fujiwara Morimichi, a chu-jo (above average) rated swordsmith. It has a wonderful shirasaya made by the same man that last polished it. Its polish is laid down and there are a few small rust spots, but the hamon and hada are both present and easily identifiable, though it would benefit from a touch-up polish. This was the first antique nihonto I ever owned, and I am selling it because, unfortunately, I am very low on money right now. Asking price is $1000 or best offer, plus shipping, but email me for pics and details of its characteristics.

Posted 3/21/03 by F. J. Taylor
For sale or trade: Handsome Scottish Broadsword with scabbard. Beautiful, rare M1828 basket hilt on George V etched double-fullered blade. Excellent condition. SNCO sword. Serial # 16710. Maker's mark reads:
Late Edward Thurkle
Scabbard and blade in. The basket is a rarity for this period, and there are 6 cuts in the basket from what would seem to be use in actual combat. Leather and red wool basket lining and dogfish skin grip with triple wire wrap. A prize for anyone's collection and one you do not often see at any price.

Posted 3/21/03 by Russell Jordan
I have two New South Wales Police commerative swords for sale. I collected them while I was a policeman in New South Wales. They are original, in mint condition, and extremely rare. There is a limited edition of 250 for each sword, they cannot be bought retail anywhere in the world. The mould for the swords were destroyed. They were commissioned by the New South Wales Police Force to commerate 100 years of policing, the hand engraving on the blades, the 24crt gold plating is something to be seen. They are numbered, and 1 comes with its original box. I do not have the C.O.A. being transferred over the years to different town unfortunately they were lost. But these are 100% original or your money back. They will never be made available again. If you know anyone interested. I will take a number of photos and email them. If a potential owner, wants to check on the originality of the swords, all they have to do is to email the maker. Wilkinson sword in England, and a Spanish company in Spain. They are really something to see. They are a once in a life time opportunity for a collector. The only way one can be bought, is someone like myself, who owns them. They were only sold to policeman, not to the public. They have no marks, scratches, or damage in any way. They are in MINT condition.

Posted 3/21/03 by John Fowler
1945 marked Cossack Shashka (Russian Military Sword). Hammer and Sickle/Star/c.c.c.p. crest. Complete with scabbard. All in very good to excellent shape. Asking $450.00. Please e-mail or Phone 902-527-2522.

Posted 3/21/03 by Pawel Nowak
I have a Japapenese sword with the XVIII century blade. I would like to sell it for the reasonable price, if you are interested or you know someone who might be interested in such sword, please let me know.I do not have a knowledge in that area,but I want to sell the sword for the fee of $450.

Posted 3/21/03 by Clay Pryor
For Sale: Japanese Army Parade Saber. This machine-made sword was used by Japanese Army Officers starting in the 1930's and through World War II. This type of Japanese Sword was produced for show only and was manufactured with a chrome plated blade and scabbard. The chrome plating on the blade features a wavy temper line. The temper line is for show only since the blades on this type of Japanese sword were not really tempered. I have pictures here.

Posted 2/22/02 by
I have a Prussian Mod. 89/16 Issue Degen for Inf Officers. This is fully proofed, and with the matching scabbard, the finger loop is cut off, otherwise it is 90%+ It is also dated by the Treaty Comisssion, "1920", and marked for the 1st Fusiliers. This is an "Ordnance Degen" not a private purchase. Will trade for Issue French Currasier Pallosch or similar Carabinier 1854 or the like. Dale @ BPP

Posted on 12/29/01 by Rick Wagner
This large book of 520 pages by John Thillmann is easily the most authoritative and detailed reference on the subject. It begins with the M1833 Dragoon Saber (some were used in the Civil War) and continues to the end of the Civil War. It deals with United States sabers, officer and enlisted, domestic and imported, and all known manufacturers. The book goes into details such as marks and dimensions, even the way different manufacturers wrapped the grip. All this can be used to date swords and to identify fakes and reworks. There are several appendices with excellent information including Ordnance Department inspectors 1830-1865 and important information on William Glaze and the Palmetto Armory.
$79 plus $4.50 shipping in the US. Shipping overseas at cost. E-mail for a large blade book list.
Rick Wagner
P.O. Box 41854
Eugene, OR 97404

Posted on 6/29/01 by Dave Heinlen
I have a 1945 Russian/Soviet Officers Shashka that is in excellent condition. This model is also referred to as a Cossack Shashka. All parts are correct for one of this year and it was handpicked out of a large collection. Email for more information. $450 plus shipping.

Posted on 5/28/01 by Denise Terry
Interested in selling sword: Early 17th century birtish royal navy cutlass, recently discovered and exhumed from ground. Blade rusted, handle contains original nicks believed to orginate from authentic battle usage. If interested please contact Denise at 709- 368-5998 or email

Posted 4/11/01 by Ed Hicks
U.S. FRATERNAL SWORD Collection For Sale:
40 year collection of 52 different swords from 1870s-1950s. Many scarce and unusual variants and many with etched & named blades, ivory grips, etc. Collection includes various related belts & buckles.
Sold As A Collection Only
Pictures availible here.
For more photos and details please email me at or phone 910-425-7000.

Posted 11/6/00 by Robert Ozias (
I have a copy of "the Daggers and Edged Weapons of Hitler's Germany" by James Atwood and a copy of "Swords and Daggers of Indonesia" by Vaclav Solc (this has a miniture copper Kris on a ribbon as a closure) I have seen copies of both books sell on Ebay for over $100. I am looking to trade for the newest version of "Swords of the British Army" by Robson and "German Swords and Sword Makers" by Bezdek.

Posted on 11/6/00 by Rick Wagner (long list)
Large book of 320 pages, with1350 photos-all excellent. Almost all US or US use.
$75 plus $5 shipping

Large book of 369 pages, hundreds of illustrations. Nice close ups of the swords & revolvers.
$45 plus $5 shipping

Covers what it says it does in an excellent manner. Soft cover, large book of 78 pages plus facsimiles of "PROVISIONAL REGULATIONS FOR SABER EXERCISE - UNITED STATES ARMY - REVISED 1908" and several other US saber training manuals.
$24 plus $4 shipping

This is the bible for British Army swords. A large book of 317 pages with hundreds of excellent illustrations and written in a very interesting manner with the history behind the swords.
$95 plus $5 shipping

Long out of print. 91 pages with good illustrations. Some information compliments "SWORDS OF THE BRITISH ARMY
$27.95 plus $4 shipping

LES EPEES by Lhoste
large book of 479 pages with hundreds of illustrations. Covers Western European straight bladed swords, especially French, from prehistory through the 1600's, then French straight bladed swords from the late 1600's to WWI, military, government, and civilian. Written in French, the captions are fairly easy to use with the knowledge of a few key words so a great book to use for identification. Text would require a knowledge of French or perseverance with a French to English dictionary. Probably the most complete book on the subject.
$75 plus $5 shipping

Large book of 254 pages written in French. A study of symbols, inscriptions, and marks on French swords, also sword cutlers and manufacturers. Excellent with a little effort.
$55 plus $5 shipping

Very large book of 321 pages. A quality hardback in a slipcover on Japanese swords and tsubas in general, and an in depth study of 42 important sword blades (photos are in black & white to better show the grain and other features of the blade. 58 tsubas and related accoutrements (here we have beautiful color photos).
$130 plus $10 shipping

MILITARY SWORDS OF JAPAN 1868-1945 by Fuller & Gregory
127 pages, this is the out of print hard back edition. Covers what it says it does in an excellent manner
$40 plus $4 shipping

Rick Wagner
PO Box 41854
Eugene, OR 97404

Shipping costs are for the US only, foreign sales will be actual costs. Personal checks are fine but must clear before shipping.

Posted 6/8/00 by Jim Whisker
Reprints of the US Manual for use of Patton sword, introduction by General Leonard Wood & text by (then) 2d Lt George S Patton Jr. Please send $5 check or money order to:
Jim Whisker
117 Shawnee Circle
Bedford, PA 15522

Posted by Jack James (, on Oct. 18, 1999
West Point Cadet Saber
Produced in Spain, late 1980's, new condition. Distinctive gold eagle pommel with coiled snake cross guard, straight decoratively etched blade. These swords are ordinarily available only to graduates who served as Cadet Officers at the US Military Academy, West Point, NY, or very distinguished VIPs. Asking $300.00.

Posted by, on Feb 20, 1999
A Japanese model 1886 cavalry saber, with a matching, but differently numbered, scabbard. Please e-mail for more details.