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This site is designed for novice  fly tyers who would like to learn how to tie Salmon and Steelhead Flies and experienced tyers looking for patterns.  The primary content of the site is located in the menu to the left.  If you are just learning begin in the Fly Tying Section with the Salmon Fly Tying Guide. You will be taken step by step through the process of tying a classic example of a Salmon Fly.  After you have learned the basic principles, you can try tying some of the tried and tested Salmon and Steelhead Patterns.  There are over 200 Steelhead, Pacific Salmon, Feather-wing and Hairwing Atlantic Salmon,  Sea-run Cutthroat, and Saltwater flies on this site with photos, patterns, and instructions.  Every week of the year a new fly pattern is added as the Fly of the Week, so the pattern data base is constantly growing.  The Contributing Fly Tyer Series, has many fine examles of Salmon and Steelhead patterns from visiting  Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tyers.  If you tie, and would like to contribute, I encourage you to share your work with the readers of this page.  Instructions for sending your patterns are posted at the above link.  I've assembled several links from various authors on the internet with their insights and  tips for using your flies to  Fly Fish for Salmon and Steelhead.  More will be coming on this.

You can try your creations on your favorite waters or search for places in your area in the Fishing Information section where you will find regional fishing links for WashingtonOregon,   Wisconsin ,   the Great Lakes regions, and Brittish Columbia. A new section, the  River Finder currently under construction, is being designed as an aid for Washington Fisherman.  Keep checking back as new rivers are added and existing rivers are updated.

Share your favorite photo by submitting it to the Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide Picture of the Month.  You are virtually assured of having your photo displayed for a month as long as it fits the guidelines explained in the Picture of the Month Guidelines.  After being displayed for a month on the Home Page, it will be permanently displayed in the Photo Archives.

If you are looking to buy flies, this site does not sell them, but there are plenty of links to sites that do.  Look at the link Sources of Materials. for links to online catalogues for fly tying materials, tools, flies, and rod-building supplies.  There are also plenty of links to other fine fly-tying sites and businesses in the Links section and in the Free-For-All Links added by other webmasters.

Thank you for taking the tme to visit this site. I hope you enjoy it and feel free to visit again.  If you have any questions you can e-mail me at  Or better yet, join the Subscribe to the Salmonfly E-Group  to converse with other tyers that share a common interest.

Marabou Articulated Leech
Fly of the Week
Crystal Leech

Next Week
Miss Grant Spey
Tied by Mike Boyer

Joe Roope of Castaway Fly shop in Couer d'Alene Idaho with a beautiful wild steelhead he took on the clearwater with an Articulated Leech pattern. Joe was fishing with  Jeff Jarrett of Jarrett's Guide Service,  Orofino, Idaho.
Picture of the Month
Jarrett's Guide Service, Orofino, Idaho..

Fishing Atlantic Salmon : The Flies and the Patterns by Joseph D., Jr Bates, Pamela Bates Richards
Book of the Month
Fishing Atlantic Salmon : The Flies and the Patterns
Joseph D., Jr Bates, Pamela Bates Richards