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William (Billy) Allen, from Victoria, British Columbia,  was the fourth contributor to Salmonfly.Net in the early years. The last time I heard from him, he was on a quest to build a web site which he declared, would eventually consist of over 263 original early 1800's Salmon Flies, plus his current favorite trout and steelhead flies. That site is now down and I have not heard from his since. I know that he had a keen interest in the the Classics and as you will see from his flies on this site, he had done some research into the history of the flies he ties. The flies below were the only ones that he ever contributed to Salmonfly.Net. So, though he has not continued his contributions, I will keep his pages on the site. Below, is what Billy said about himself, when I asked him to write a short bio.

"I've hitch-hiked from Alaska to Panama and from the Atlantic to the Pacific in search of any species that would take a fly. I have been fortunate in my travels to find so many great fishing lakes, rivers and streams on this 'Great North American Continent'."


The Flies

Jock ScottGolden Parsons Noble Princess The Tartan The Toppy








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