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Salmonfly.Net Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide  In Memory of Scotty Howell In Memory of Yuri Shumakov

Salmonfly.Net Salmon and Steelhead Fly Tying Guide

March-April 2008

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About Salmonfly.Net

Salmonfly.Net is a free internet magazine which got it start in 1998 as a site for Salmon and Steelhead fly tyers to get some instructions for tying flies and to find lots of patterns. The style and format has changed many times over the years but the content has remained much the same. MORE...

Contributors to the Fly Tyer Series

Mike Foster fly fishing for steelhead on the Trinity River.Mike Foster has been tying flies for 57 years now and is the originator of several pacific salmon, steelhead, and sea-run cutthroat flies featured in fly fishing magazines and books. He has also been a columnist for Angler magazine and Fly Fishing and Tying Journal. In this issue Mike shares many of the patterns that have brought success to generations of Northwest fly fisherman - flies that have evolved into numerous forms and variations from other tyers. In this issue, Mike displays the original flies and materials and tells the story behind them. MORE...

Lawrence Finney (A.P.G.A.I Photo) Irish Fly Tyer, Lawrence Finney is a one of only four Association of Professional Game Angler Instructors (A.P.G.A.I) certified as a fly dresser in Ireland. He has been a busy man lately with enagagements for instructing and doing a cover story featuring his flies with the magazine Irish Angler, but promises to keep sending more flies for future editions. This issue, he displays some of his Irish Shrimp patterns, and several others suitable as crossover flies for steelhead. MORE...

Dennis Dickson with a Skagit Steelhead caught with the Cop Car (2001 photo). Northwest native, Dennis Dickson is a fisheries biolgist and has been a steelhead flyfishing guide for 22 years. He and his staff at Dickson Fly Fishing Steelhead Guides fish around 400 clients from around the world throughout the year and operate a very popular fly fishing school. Now Dennis will share some of his most successful flies with the readers of Salmonfly.Net. He will begin the series with a winter steelhead fly as we wind down that season. In this issue, Dennis tells the story behind his highly productive fly, Dickson's Cop Car and gives step-by-step instructions to tie it. MORE...

Fly Tying Book Store, Rods, Waders, Materials, Flies, and Tools

Choosing a Fly Rod

Fly Rod Action - The important thing to note about fly rod action when choosing a rod is that you should not confuse the term with the action of a spinning or bait cast rod. The term used for fly rods as opposed to those rods has a different meaning. Fly rod action refers to the way it bends along the blank. Action for the other types of rods usually refers to the weight of line it can handle. MORE...

Fly Rod Weight - One of your first questions will probably be, “how do I match a particular weight fly rod with a particular weight line”, but more logically, the question should be, “what weight rod should I use”. You should choose your rod weight according to the fish species that you are targeting, the size of the flies, and the conditions. MORE...

Fly Rod Materials - It used to be that you would see many more fly rods made of fiberglass than you do today, and many more were broken than statistics can measure. With the advent of graphite rods, came superior performance, albeit a little more expense. MORE...

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