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Cased Caddis
Tied By William Lovelace

Cased Caddis


Cased Caddis

Category Trout Fly
Hook Mustad 9672, 79580 or 36620, # depending on natural case
Thread Black Monocord 
Tail None

Natural stone caddis case

Throat Black Hackle Fibers
Head Black Ostrich

This version of the Cased Caddis comes from the bench of Salmonfly.Net Contributing Fly Tyer William Lovelace. When I asked Bill to elaborate a little more on the fish-ability of this fly he emailed me, "These types of heavy stone cased caddis flies are just asking to be lost on the bottom so I don’t want to spend much time on them. It is very hard to get a fish to pick this fly out of all the real ones on the bottom if you fished it the way the naturals move crawling across the bottom, I find it a nice morsel to wash off of a riffle into the prime lie at the head of a nice pool. For more general cased caddis fishing I would use the Junkyard caddis (Jack Dennis) which I will send you soon." Bill, I hope you don't mind that I copied the email. His original notes follow.

Read more about William Lovelace and see more of his flies at The Flies of William Lovelace.

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