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Leon's Epoxy Alevin and Marabou Variant
Originated and Tied By Leon Guthrie

Leons Epoxy Alevin and Marabou Variant

Name Leon's Epoxy Alevin and Marabou Variant
Category Salmon / Steelhead / Rainbow
HookKamasan B800 Trout Classic Lure Extra Long, Size 10
BodyUsing orange or fire orange thread, tie on a strip of clear shrimp F\foil (Latex). Cut the latex to a long point and place it on near hook bend. Continue winding the thread along the hook shank and keep an even and thin body. Tie off near the hook eye, and change the thread to gray. Now wind and build a fairly large round head behind the hook eye. Apply a heart behind the gray head on the underside of the hook shank with pink Hot Melt Glue. Now first only, mix and apply clear Epoxy Glue all over heart and head. Hold the hook in a crocodile clip and rotate to shape the yolk sac around the heart. It does not take long before the epoxy starts to hold so you have to pay attention and use a cocktail stick to form the shape to suit. When that is set, apply further epoxy to shape the Alevin. Paint on the eyes with the tip of a cocktail stick.

The marabou variant is constructed by applying marabou at the stage before making the gray round head. If you wet the marabou with your fingers you can still continue the rest of the stages as normal. Finish pattern by drawing a blood line along the middle of the clear shrimp foil using a red permanent pen.

CommentsThis pattern is not as difficult as it looks. Perhaps it is a little time consuming but the end results can be rewarding. The shape and size of the heart and yolk sac does not affect the hooking properties. To fish this pattern cast upstream and allow to drift on the bottom with no retrieve, when your line is down-stream, hold and wait for a considerable time before casting again.

This pattern was originated and tied by Leon Guthrie of Galashiels, Scotland. You can see more of his originals at The Flies of Leon Guthrie. For more information about Alevin patterns and other examples from Leon, see Woodward Alevin and Other Imitations .


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