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Articulated Squid - A Scotty Howell Fly

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Articulated Squid, Tied By Scott Howell

Name Articulated Squid
Category Steelhead / Salmon
Trailing Hook & Harness Daiichi #2252 Size #2 Octopus/Salmon Hook furled with 20lb Fl Red Amnesia Leader Material
Hook Daiichi #2052 Alec Jackson Spey Size #1.5 (cut at the end of the shank above hook point after finishing the fly)
Body1st Segment, HareLine Shrimp Pink HareTron Dubbing (shoulder) followed by Natural Mallard Flank, Lilac Blood Quill Marabou and Claret Blood Quill Marabou - 2d Segment, HareLine Shrimp Pink HareTron (shoulder) followed by Natural Mallard Flank, Claret Blood Quill
Collar(s) Natural Mallard Flank under Black Schlappen
HeadFl Orange Thread

This very enticing Articulated Squid was developed and tied by the late Scotty Howell, for Salmonfly.Net using Don Johnson's Simplified Stringer Technique (which see). You can see more of Scott Howell's flies at The Flies of Scott Howell.



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