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          A John Glaspy Fly
Bunnicle - A John Glaspy Fly
Name Bunnicle
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook Stout, sharp, size appropriate to species
Thread Pink or orange
Weight As desired, using either dumbbell eyes or lead wraps.
Tail Either three purple marabou feathers with a few strands of pearl Krystal flash or a purple bunny strip. (I like the marabou better, because it doesn’t get fouled in the hook bend when fished the way bunny strips can.)
Body Fuchsia bunny, palmered, with a strip of hot pink bunny pulled over the  top of the fly (This will actually be the bottom of the fly when fished, if dumbbell eyes are tied on top as pictured)
Collar Hot pink schlappen
Orange Orange chenille
Tying Tips

I like to put a strong glue such as zap-a-gap on the hook before I palmer the bunny to add durability.  To make the “wing,” tie in the pink bunny strip upside down and extending over the tail before tying in and winding the fuchsia bunny, then, when it is pulled over the “top,” it will add a strip of contrasting color to the fly body.

Bunnicle was originated and tied by contributing fly tyer John Glaspy. See his extensive notes about this fly below. John has been adding regularly to our collection of Pacific Salmon flies with some flies that you will want to have in your box. You can see more of his flies for Pacific Salmon at The Flies of John Glaspy.

John's Notes: Rabbit strips make excellent salmon fly material because they are durable, inexpensive, easy to use and available in a wide variety of colors.  (White bunny is easy to dye if you prefer to make your own colors.)  More important, bunny flies are effective, fished either dead drift or with slow across stream movement.  The Popsicle is an outstanding traditional Alaskan salmon fly, tied using purple, pink, fuchsia and orange marabou.  I tie a rabbit strip variant of the Popsicle that is quite effective, especially on overcast days.  I like it a little better than the Popsicle because it is more effective for me when conditions call for dead drift, “nymphing,” presentations and because it is durable.  It is a little heavier, especially when wet, but not difficult to cast with an 8 weight.  The Bunnicicle has become one of my dark weather “go to” flies, particularly for silver salmon.

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