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Humpy Chaser 

Name Humpy Chaser
Category Pink Salmon
Hook TMC 5263 or similar hook, Size  6-8
Thread Yellow, Danville 6/0 tied in first to wrap forward as a rib, finishing with Hot Pink, wrapped in figure eights around the bead chain eyes.
Butt 5 or 6 turns of Red Scudback
Body Dark pink yarn
Throat A few strands of pearl Krystal Flash
Head Large Bead Chain Eyes secured by figure eight wraps of the Hot Pink thread.

This fly, tied on a small hook, preferably a size 6-8 will catch Pink Salmon as they ascend the lower river.   It was the most successful fly we fished in the Stillaguamish tidewater with Dennis Dickson. The Humpys couldn't get enough of it.

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