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Humpy Hooker

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Humpy Hooker

Name Humpy Hooker
Category Pink Salmon
Hook Mustad 36890, Size 6-14
Thread Hot Pink
Tag Oval Silver Tinsel
Tail Hot Pink or Lavender Marabou
Body Hot Pink Yarn
Ribbing Oval Silver Tinsel
Wing Hot Pink or Lavender Marabou

This easy-to-tie fly is admittedly, not that attractive, but none the less, as the name suggests, is a great fly for Humpy (Pink) Salmon. Developed by, Alaska's Hank Pennington and shown in the book, "Fly Patterns of Alaska", it is meant to attract pinks as they congregate near the mouths of rivers. It is suggested in the book, that this fly be fished very slowly, but just fast enough to keep it from hanging up on the bottom in the tidal flats.


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