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Black and Orange Whistler

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Black and Orange Whistler

Name Black and Orange Whistler
Category Pacific Salmon
Hook Saltwater or Salmon, Size 3/0 to 1/0, Weighted with .035 Lead wire
Thread Bright Orange
Body Black Bucktail Tied in Staggered Along Hook Shank, Extending Well Beyond the Bend of the Hook (see below)
Wing Eight Black Saddle Hackles, Four per Side, Splayed Out and Extending Well Beyond End of Tail
Topping Ten Strands of Peacock Herl
Hackle Full Collar of Orange Marabou
Eyes Silver Bead Chain

Anthony J. Route, in his book Flies for Alaska, feels that this fly deserves attention and should be in everyone's fly box for King Salmon because it often works when nothing else will. It's a big fly with a big profile and sometimes that's exactly what those huge fish want. He has had some great success with it on big Kings. He is not sure to attribute its success to the size or the color, but says that the black and orange have been the most successful color combinations. The bucktail body is tied in staggered by first tying a clump at the tail position. Wrap the thread forward, about two-thirds up the hook shank, and attach another clump, extending to the same length as the first. Tie in three more bunches, two at the sides and one at the throat, all extending to the same length as the first bunch.


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