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Leons Broon Troot Nymph Perfection
Originated and Tied by Guthrie Fly

Leons Broon Troot Nymph Perfection

Name Leons Broon Troot Nymph Perfection
Category Salmon / Steelhead / All Trout Species/ Grayling
HookKamasan B800 Classic Lure Extra Long Size 8 or 10
BodyPut on 3mm Gold Bead. Tie on Pheasant Tail Fibres for tail and also tie on length of gold ribbing for later. Now tie on Olive Hare s Ear Yarn and wind only to way along hook shank. Tie off. Now wind on gold ribbing and also tie off. Take several strands of Pheasant Tail Fibers approx.. 1 inch in length and tie this on just behind the gold bead leaving the Pheasant tail fibers to lay along the hook shank. Now build a large thorax using White Hare s Ear Yarn, going over the Pheasant Tail Fibers that are laying back. Tie off the White Hare s Ear Yarn when thorax is built. Bring Pheasant tail fibers over the thorax and wind tying thread behind the gold Bead. Fan out equal portions of Pheasant tail fibers to either side and pull them down while finally tying off the Pheasant Tail Fibers. You want the Pheasant Tail Fibers pointing down with the length of the fibres the same length of hook shank. Now select a good bunch of Deer Hair and tie this on behind the white hare s ear Thorax. Trim /Shape Deer Hair to round saddle.
CommentsThis pattern is my own personal favorite and I use it throughout the fishing season. It has caught many salmon and trout species. I have fished it on rivers, reservoirs, and stillwater fisheries and it has proven very successful. When fishing it or rivers, takes can be very hard. I have snapped my leader on many occasions!
Fishing Tips Cast across river and allow to drift in the current. Then WAIT! holding in the current. For stillwater or reservoir fishing, retrieve fast or slow. They are equally effective.

This pattern was originated and tied by Leon Guthrie of Galashiels, Scotland. You can see more of his originals at The Flies of Leon Guthrie.

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