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Leons Green Tag Buzzers
Originated and Tied by Guthrie Fly

Leons Green Tag Buzzers

Name Leons Green Tag Buzzers
Category Salmon / Steelhead / All Trout Species
HookKamasan B420 Sedge Hook Size 10 or Kamasan B100G (Gold) Shrimp/Buzzer Hook Size 10
BodyUni-Thread 6/0, Black, (Green Glass Bead taken from Veniard Damsel Bead Eyes). Place Green Glass Bead through hook shank to hook eye. Tie on black thread behind glass bead. Attach piece of White Antron and run evenly along hook shank and half way around hook bend returning again all the way back to the eye. Remove black thread. Now apply the Brightest Green Fluorescent Floss. Important: It must be the Brightest Green Fluorescent Floss you can find. Start at the hook bend at the end of the black thread and wind a fairly round head and then continue to form ribbing segments along the hook shank and tie off thread. Just behind the Glass Bead, secure thread with super glue. Now mix and apply clear Epoxy Resin all over hook shank and maintain evenness throughout its drying. When dry, attach another piece of White Antron at Right Angle behind Glass bead and secure with thread in a figure of eight. Apply a tiny bit of super glue on the thread only with the point of a cocktail stick, ensuring that no glue touches the white Antron as it will soak up the glue with capillary action and make the Antron hard. Now cut the Antron Wool at each side 3mm only and also the tail to 4mm.
CommentsVery effective buzzer pattern on Stillwater.
Fishing Tips Depending on depth you are fishing, tie on buzzer on droppers 4 or 5 at 3 feet intervals so you are covering all depths that the fish may be feeding and fish STATIC (No Movement) other than the drifting line. It may also be to your advantage to use a bite indicator as takes can be very gentle and go undetected.

I've only attached a photo of 2 Buzzer's for your site, using the Brighter Image off the so called Fluorescent Green, and have mentioned in the text to ensure if making this pattern to get the Brightest Fluorescent Green Floss or thread for this pattern. In my other letters I talked about the research that fish see Green better which makes this a very effective pattern on stillwater fishing. You can almost guarantee to catch with them every time if the fish are feeding on a hatch of buzzers.

Regards and best wishes with this one. Leon

This pattern was originated and tied by Leon Guthrie of Galashiels, Scotland. You can see more of his originals at The Flies of Leon Guthrie.


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