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Leons Red Setter Sedge
Originated and Tied by Guthrie Fly

Leons Red Setter Sedge

Name Leons Red Setter Sedge
Category Steelhead / Rainbow / Brown Trout
HookKamasan B800 Trout Classic Extra Long, Size 10
Head2 Polystyrene balls wrapped with ladies nylon stockings. Secure this near, but not to close to eye of hook. Wrap figure eight turns with thread keeping eyes level. (Note that it is important to use the polystyrene balls to ensure that the fly floats well and it can be skated across the surface without becoming waterlogged.)
BodyContinue bedding hook shank with black thread to tail, tying in a length of gold ribbon (Leave for later stage. Now select a small portion of Marabou ( Color Rustic/Red Setter or Brown). Wind this around hook shank only as a bed and to thicken body a little. Select a larger portion of Marabou (color of your choice) and tie this on behind the eyes. Now twist all the marabou and hold back to the hook bend. Tie off the Marabou there. Wind clockwise the gold ribbon and tie off at hook eye. Place only 2 feather fibers of Pheasant tail (as antennae. Tie in behind eyes, bringing pheasant tail between eyes and finally tying off. At the eye of the hook, pinch off excess tail length of Marabou (Not to Long. Finally add dots on eyes using black permanent ink pen.
CommentsThis is an excellent pattern imitating the Great Red Sedge (Phrygania grandis). This adult caddis imitation does extremely well during a hatch on river, reservoir or still water.
Fishing Tips Cast under overhanging trees, retrieve as to skitter across the water.

The Real Great Red Sedge

Although there are many Caddis Sedge Patterns, I'm very confident on my particular pattern giving the greater buoyancy to skitter across the water surface. I'm sure your readers will score with this one during a sedge hatch. The attitude of the fly during retrieve is very good.

With Regards and best wishes. Leon

This pattern was originated and tied by Leon Guthrie of Galashiels, Scotland. You can see more of his originals at The Flies of Leon Guthrie.



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