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Raffia Shrimp, Orange

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Rafia Shrimp, Orange

Name Raffia Shrimp, Orange
Category Pacific Salmon/Steelhead
Hook Size 2/0 - 3/0, Weighted with .025 to .030 Lead(Optional)
Tail Orange and Yellow Bucktail, Mixed, Long
Body Yellow Chenille
Hackle Red Saddle Hackle, Palmered Over Entire Body
Shellback Light Orange or Matching Raffia (Found in Craft Stores)
Rib Light Orange Mono
Head Matching

This fly is a variation of several shrimp flies tied for Pacific Salmon (all species) and steelhead. Some are tied with flashabou shellbacks, others with crystal chenille bodies. They are all variations of the same theme and tied in different color combinations. See also my Raffia Shrimp, Chartreuse. The raffia used here for the shellback has a shiny, iridescent appearance. It can be found in most craft stores and comes in numerous colors. These are the directions to tie:

  1. Wrap the lead around the hook shank from about right above the hook shank, to before the beginning of the the eye loop.
  2. Wrap the thread back and forth over the lead to secure and tie in the tail just above the point of the hook.
  3. Tie in just beyond where the tail is tied in the following order: a length of mono rib, a long strip of raffia, the hackle material by the tip, and a length of chenille. Wrap the thread forward, then wrap the chenille forward to a point behind the eye.
  4. Palmer the hackle forward over the entire chenille body and tie off behind the eye.
  5. Separate the hackle and pull down and backward.
  6. Fold the raffia over the top of the body and tie in at the eye.
  7. Wrap the mono forward in ribs to bind down the shellback and hackle.
  8. Trim excess material, wrap head, and whip finish.
  9. Apply head cement.

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