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Leons Salmon Damsel Nymph
Originated and Tied by Guthrie Fly

Leons Salmon Damsel Nymph

Name Leons Salmon Damsel Nymph
Category Steelhead/Salmon/Trout/Grayling
HookKamasan Classic Extra Long Lure,( With 4mm Gold Bead Head)
BodySlide on 4mm Gold Bead. Bed rest of Hook shank with Yellow Thread. Tie on a length of Gold Ribbon and leave for later on, Then Apply a good bunch of both Yellow and Olive Marabou (Mixed) along the hook shank way stopping at the thorax area. Apply a little more Yellow Marabou on the body, wound with your yellow thread, Then wind on the Gold ribbon and tie off. Now select a bunch of Pheasant Tail fibers approx.. inch in length and attach at thorax area, leaving the Pheasant tail fibers to lay along the hook shank. Now select and attach Jungle Cock (optional) on either side, tying on at just behind the thorax. Now select 3 fibres of Peacock Herl and tie on at the thorax and wind peacock herl to build the Thorax. tie off. Now bring the Pheasant Tail fibers over the thorax and give a few turns of your yellow tying thread around the Pheasant tail fibres between the thorax and gold head. Now equally separate the strands of Pheasant Tails protruding upwards and pulling them down on either side of hook, holding them down and slightly back, while winding the tying thread securing the Pheasant Tail. Once you have wound on your tying thread, just finish off by applying a little super glue on the thread with the tip of a Cocktail stick rather than using whip finish.
CommentsNote: Jungle Cock sides are optional see Without Jungle Cock version.
Fishing Tips River : Allow to sink and drift on bottom, then retrieve in short jerks. Pause on surface and wait! Stillwater : Allow to sink then retrieve in short jerks to surface allowing to sink again. Retrieve should be no more than 6 inches to imitate the natural distance the nymph would travel at any one time.

This pattern was originated and tied by Leon Guthrie of Galashiels, Scotland. You can see more of his originals at The Flies of Leon Guthrie.

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