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Polar Shrimp, Haas Style Wing  

Name Polar Shrimp, Haas Style Wing
Category Steelhead
Tag Flat Gold Tinsel
Tail Scarlet Hackle Fibers
Body Orange Seal Fur
Rib Oval Gold Tinsel
Wing White Arctic Fox, Polar Bear, or Calf Tail
Collar Orange Hackle
Head Red

I'm sure that there are a lot of folks looking for some good, practical steelhead flies that have proven the test of time. This fly is a variation of the old Polar Shrimp (see the traditional version of this fly, Polar Shrimp which dates way back to the 1930's and has been extremely popular over the years due to its success). This version comes from a pattern listed in the fine book by Dick Stewart & Farrow Allen, Flies for Steelhead, tied by Mark Waslick. It uses the style of tying wings developed by professional fly dresser, Ed Haas which makes them almost indestructible. The return eye loop is first opened on the hook and the hairs placed in the opening facing forward. They are secured with tying thread, and then the tail, body, and hackle are tied on. The thread is then brought ahead of the wing, the wing is folded back, secured with the thread and whip finished. For another more recent version of this fly, see the Polar Shrimp Spey.


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